What’s next Valve? A treasure chest behind a waterfall?

It was only a matter of time before Dota 2 added a fishing minigame, and Crownfall finally did it. In a game full of playable fish and characters confirmed to eat them, the new game mode features Vengeful Spirit of all heroes tossing out lines. However, the minigame isn't just for show. Players can earn up to ten random tokens, which will go a long way toward unlocking all the fancy rewards in The Markets of Midgate.

Look no further if you're struggling to nail that 10,000 score mark. This is the ultimate guide to Dota 2's new fishing minigame.

Crownfall fishing guide for Dota 2

The new fishing minigame is part of The Markets of Midgate on the ninth mandatory node of the map. The side event featured Tidehunter teaching Vengeful Spirit how to fish. The lore of the fishing minigame is that Venge must give a local merchant a fish to prove that she will stand up for the oppressed Flightless underclass. Don't ask questions, that's just how it goes.

The minigame is pretty typical for a video game fishing side activity. Players chuck out a line, react to the sinker going under, and then finesse a bar to reel it in. However, there are a couple of tips that can help you reach the 10,000 mark.

  • Prioritize fish size above all else
  • Sparking fish are variants that will grant bonus points, but the larger fish are still the better targets
  • Fish swim around at varying speeds, so wait for your target to slow down before sending out the line
This blue Boiling Sea Bass is worth way more than average (Image via Valve)
This blue Boiling Sea Bass is worth way more than average (Image via Valve)
  • Fish can swim underneath the fountain, so there may be a hidden minnow waiting to snipe your max power cast
  • The bobber appears to always attract the fish closest to its landing spot, so wait for a big catch to swim out on its own before casting
  • Players have to wait for the bobber to splash to start reeling, so don't click as soon as it goes underwater
  • The reeling minigame appears to get easier after the first few seconds, so waiting for the fish to get tired is a viable strategy
  • If you mess up, start over immediately by pressing the restart button on the top right

There also appear to be a few ways to get bonus points on a catch. Casting at max power grants 200 bonus points while casting quickly can earn 100. Consecutive catches also build up a streak bonus for a potential 1,000 bonus points. The Dota 2 fishing game could return for the other parts of Crownfall, so be sure to polish your skills now while the stakes are low.

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