Looking for the biggest hero changes after patch 7.36? Here, take a look!

Two months after the last small balance patch, Valve decided it's time to put the old mechanics to rest. And there may not be that many item changes, but heroes are a completely different matter.

It's impossible to get a big picture of how the meta will develop, but some changes are raising the win rate of specific picks. So, here's the list of Dota 7.36 best heroes you should try!

Remember, this is based on trending picks for ranked games. It does not include pro meta, currently developing during DreamLeague Season 23.

Top 10 heroes according to win rate change (Stats by DOTABUFF)
Top 10 heroes according to win rate change (Stats by DOTABUFF)

Juggernaut: The new Bristleback, but Bristlefront?

One of the biggest changes that makes Juggernaut one of Dota 7.36 best heroes is the way his innate ability and facets interact. Despite his critical damage decreasing, you will have more chances to crit now. Add the 10% extra damage to units facing Juggernaut, and you have a hero that scales pretty fast.

The tricky part is picking a facet. Bladeform should let you have a better laning phase. The extra agility will help with the missing damage after Blade Dance changes. Also, the movement speed will let you farm neutral camps more effectively.

Make sure to have the ten stacks of Bladeform before joining a fight. If you use your Omnislash correctly, you'll stack all of this into one powerful spell cast.

However, if you're more into speed fighting and want the Bladestorm facet, make sure your support is a disabler! This will allow the full Blade Fury extra critical damage to impact the enemy heroes.

Legion Commander: You will never duel alone anymore

Legion Commander was always strong, but it's seen more than 8% increase in win rate since yesterday for a reason. She made it to this Dota 7.36 best heroes list thanks to her new Spoils of War facet.

Now, she will give bonus damage to the allies that deal damage with her during duels. To get the best out of this, make sure you're always dueling close to your mid laner or hard carry.

Your carry PA, AM, or Sven will never follow, as they're always farming? Stonehall Plate is a great choice. The extra barrier will let you join big teamfights without the fear of being an easy to kill target. To add survivability, Legion Commander's new Aghanim's Scepter now makes her immune to debuffs during duels.

Also, don't forget Moment of Courage is your new innate passive ability! This means, you start the game with one point leveled up. Another great tool for your laning phase and early fights.

Templar Assassin: An early killing machine or a safe laner?

Understanding Templar Assassin will take some time, but her new refraction could've saved her some easy counters. In the past, any damage would completely remove the shield instances.

Now that it's a health barrier, you must make 30/40/50/60 damage to remove it. Enemies now have to be careful on how they stack their attacks, as erasing the shield instances resets the next one.

Pairing this with Refractor will depend on the enemy draft. However, another interesting fact is that now you start with one Psi Blades passive point. Farming should now be safer and easier!

Void Spirit: Stats don't lie

Same as many heroes, picking your facets will depend on the enemy draft. Mixed damage? Go for Sanctuary. A hard carry that can delete you with a lucky crit? Symmetry is a better choice.

It's the Intrinsic edge what makes him one of Dota 7.36 best heroes. Void is a universal hero, which means he'll get benefits from all the stats he gains with this innate ability. Scaling to late game is not a problem anymore for the oldest brother.

Crystal maiden: THANK GOD she's not slower this time

Personal opinion alert: Crystal Maiden is going to be the next favorite position 5 on every tier list about to come. But don't get me wrong, it's still a slow, weak hero. So, you will have to master her facets.

Frozen Expanse will let you better position yourself, and also affects items. For Cold Comfort, make sure you're choosing this one with a hero that spams abilities or has high mana consumption (e.g. Bristleback, Phantom Assassin).

Her innate ability will also help with lane harrassement, as 50% self mana regen amplification is as strong as it sounds. Make sure to obligatory buy her shard now, since aiming the Crystal Clone allows you to play safer. These changes together has just made CM one of Dota 7.36 best heroes to try!

Want more options? Check this changes to the next five Dota 7.36 best heroes!

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The worst heroes: You did it, you finally killed Tinker

Worst 5 heroes according to win rate change (Stats by DOTABUFF)
Worst 5 heroes according to win rate change (Stats by DOTABUFF)

What used to be some of the strongest heroes, like Bristleback or Kunkka, are now on the bottom side of the list. While some of them are hard to master, like Morphling or Tinker, others like Bristleback and Kunkka are a surprise.

For the bottom one on the list, the changes to rearm may have killed Tinker as we know him. Tinker now gains 1% item cooldown reduction per 4 intelligence, up to 60%. This means he's no longer a Dagon + Hex spammer, more of a support or utility hero.

That's right! Tinker may scale to the Dota 7.36 best heroes when players realize he can now heal, harrass from distance, and still rearm his spells (despite not being able to rearm items).

But what are your thought on Dota 7.36 best heroes to play? We will be making specific guides for trending heroes, so make sure to follow esports.gg Dota 2 content!