Here are some of the best, the worst and the surprising heroes from ESL One Birmingham 2024 that are shaping the meta.

Crownfall may be great, but we all know deep down we are craving for a new gameplay patch. It is nearly the end of April and Valve still has no news. So here we are, stuck with the same staling competitive landscape. Yet in an elongated patch, teams need to figure out innovative ways to stay dominant or challenge the status quo. ESL One Birmingham 2024 shows just that, and so we're here to provide a summary on the tournament's hero meta that you can take advantage of before patch 7.35d ends.

We will mainly use ESL One Birmingham 2024 data up to April 26 from Spectral, Dotabuff and Dota2ProTracker.

Meta heroes of ESL One Birmingham

Best support

First on the list and for the support role, we have Enchantress. Predominantly more successful as a safelane support, Enchantress accrued a 58% win rate over the course of 24 games. She is the second most-picked hero at ESL One Birmingham so far right after Tiny. However, she is one of the more difficult heroes to play. So tread lightly when playing her in pubs, especially since she only has a 44% win rate outside of the tournament.

Xtreme Gaming's Ding "Dy" Cong showcases his mastery over Enchantress having won two out of three games with the hero, specifically in dealing a 2-0 against Tundra Esports.

Skill Build
Item Build
Maximize Enchant and Nature's Attendant before raising Impetus. Hurricane Pike
Boots of Bearing
Glimmer Cape
Lotus Orb

Best offlaner

For the offlane meta, we go back to the classics with Enigma dominating ESL One Birmingham 2024. There are only seven Enigma games played so far, but that's because Enigma has a decent ban rate amongst other heroes. Otherwise, he has a whopping 86% win rate, the highest in game thus far. Like Enchantress, Enigma has a higher skill threshold and is therefore a challenging hero to play in pubs. He fares slightly better than Enchantress in Immortal ranked pubs with a 53% win rate.

BetBoom Team's Matvey "MieRo" Vasyunin takes the cake having won all his four Enigma games thus far. BetBoom finally managed to broke their losing streak against Team Falcons in the second game of their first series with MieRo's Enigma in play.

Skill Build
Item Build
Maximize Demonic Summoning and Malefice before raising Impetus. Vladmir's Offering
Blink Dagger
Black King Bar
Refresher Orb

Best carry

Like Enigma, Weaver sees a return at ESL One Birmingham 2024 as a carry hero, who also has the exact same 86% win rate. The last changes to Weaver made him a more viable carry than a support, the role where he excelled for a long time at one point. With increased damage to Germinate Attack and Shukuchi, Weaver is one of the heroes that deals the highest amount of damage. Unlike the first two heroes, Weaver is fairly easy to play. Unfortunately, the pubs have not been too kind as he only has a 49% win rate.

Michael "miCKe" Vu of Team Liquid has one of the best performances with Weaver by going 19-4 and 17-2 with the hero in his games against G2.IG and Shopify Rebellion respectively.

Skill Build
Item Build
In order, put one skill to Shukuchi, Germinate Attack and The Swarm.
Then in the same order, maximize each skill starting with Shukuchi first.
Hurricane Pike
Aghanim's Shard
Black King Bar

Best midlaner

To this day, Leshrac remains to be one of the best heroes to play. Evidently, he has a 71% win rate over 14 games at ESL One Birmingham 2024 and 55 percent win rate in Immortal ranked pubs. Leshrac has received multiple buffs since the beginning of patch 7.35 such as stronger Diabolic Edict and reduced activation mana cost on early levels of Pulse Nova. That said, he has been one of the most consistent heroes in competitive Dota no matter the changes.

Heroic's João Gabriel "4nalog" Giannini Santos gets a special mention for his Leshrac plays, which helped in defeating Team Spirit from the tiebreakers.

Skill Build
Item Build
Maximize Lightning Storm and Diabolic Edict before raising Split EarthBloodstone
Lotus Orb
Aghanim's Sceptre
Wind Waker

Losers, shockers and honorable mentions of ESL One Birmingham

Now that we've covered the meta heroes of ESL One Birmingham 2024, let's talk about the losers, the shockers and the honorable mentions of the tournament. Check it out.

The biggest losers of ESL One Birmingham:

It is uncertain as to why teams keep picking Tiny (highest number of games) but are performing poorly with the hero. On the other hand, there is not a single successful Monkey King games yet.

Biggest loser - Tiny (Image via Spectral)Hero: Tiny
Games: 28
Bans: 10
Win rate: 43%
Biggest loser - Monkey King (Image via Spectral)Hero: Monkey King
Games: 6
Bans: 21
Win rate: 0%

The unexpected shockers of ESL One Birmingham:

Luna, a rather not so successful hero in Immortal ranked pubs (49% win rate) has been solid throughout ESL One Birmingham 2024 (58% win rate). Meanwhile, Disruptor, a hero that has been popular given the significant buff to his Thunder Strike, has been highly contested throughout the tournament. Yet, his performance is not as great as many would expect.

Unexpected shocker - Luna (Image via Spectral)Hero: Luna
Games: 24
Bans: 21
Win rate: 58%
Unexpected shocker - Disruptor (Image via Spectral)Hero: Disruptor
Games: 15
Bans: 57
Win rate: 53%

Honorable mentions of ESL One Birmingham:

Often overshadowed, Doom and Clockwerk have had stellar performances at the tournament thus far.

Honorable mention - Doom (Image via Spectral)Hero: Doom
Games: 8
Bans: 22
Win rate: 75%
Honorable mention - Clockwerk (Image via Spectral)Hero: Clockwerk
Games: 19
Bans: 6
Win rate: 70%

Upcoming games at ESL One Birmingham 2024

And that's a wrap for the overview of meta heroes at ESL One Birmingham 2024. There are still many games left as we head into the second day of playoffs. Let's see how the meta will shape up throughout the rest of the tournament.

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