Get to the FINISH line fast with these tips and tricks!

The Crownfall Act II map is MASSIVE with loads of quests and minigames. However you may not have all the time in the world to be grinding pubs and arduously collecting tokens. If you want to get the rewards without having to sacrifice much of your time, here are some useful tips and tricks to quickly complete Crownfall Act II.

Stick around required heroes

The first tip is to play the designated heroes to collect specific tokens - which is the most obvious way. To progress to each checkpoint in Crownfall, you must unlock the paths using the required tokens.

If you have a wide range of hero pool - aim to play the heroes that grant you the required tokens. It's best to play the hero with the best token combination to unlock the paths quickly.

For example, if a path requires 2 Strength tokens and 1 Blade token, Axe is the best hero to go for. Winning a match with Axe will give you those three tokens and you can save time without playing more heroes to unlock a single checkpoint.

But we understand, not many players enjoy experimenting outside of their hero pool. If you don't like playing various heroes, there are many other tips and methods to complete Crownfall Act II quickly.

Scrap Merchant: Use Scraps to progress faster

In Crownfall Act II, Valve introduced the Scraps element. With every match you play, you don't only get tokens but also two Scraps. You can trade six Scraps for a token of your choice. Don't let them accumulate in your inventory and use it every time possible to save more time! It is also best to trade the Scraps for hero tokens that you don't usually get.

Token Trader: Trade leftover tokens

Below the Scraps trading, you'll also find Token Trading. This allows you to trade any of the four tokens that you have to one token of your choice. If you play a lot of matches, you will usually get tons of leftover tokens. Don't let these go to waste and trade them every time possible to unlock paths faster. Trade wisely and make sure to trade tokens that you often have to get tokens that are hard to get.

Questing Hearts: Gift each other tokens

Crownfall Act II also introduced the Questing Hearts feature. This feature lets you anonymously gift one of your tokens to anyone in your friendlist. This feature also does not have a cooldown or a limit to how many tokens you can gift. So work together with a friend to gift each other tokens that benefit each other's Crownfall progress. You can also poke a friend to gift any of theirs if they have leftovers.

Get extra tokens from minigames

There are a bunch of minigames that you can enjoy while simultaneously collecting extra tokens. These games require a short period of time that can earn you more than 10 random tokens! This is much more time-saving when compared to playing an average of a 40-minute pub match for 3 random tokens.

The Crownfall II minigames that you can play for extra tokens are:

And that sums up all five tips and tricks for you to complete Crownfall Act II fast. Make sure to keep using the features like Scrap Merchant, Token Trader, and Questing Hearts, to accelerate your map progress. Note that this does not include the Side Quests and are doable without any extra purchases.

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