Everything you need to know about collecting tokens to easily and quickly complete Crownfall Act I: The Markets of Midgate

Stuck with your Crownfall progression? Can't get the tokens you want for the life of you? You are not alone! Which is why we have prepared some tips for you on how to collect tokens efficiently to complete Act I of Crownfall as fast as possible.

Tips for fast and easy Crownfall token collection

1) Play Turbo Mode

Unfortunately, a lot of the ways that make Crownfall token collection easy comes later in the Overworld Map. So you still need to tough it out for the first few steps of the map. At least until you get to the Token Trader, which is the fifth stop of The Road to Midgate. This leads to our first tip: Play Turbo Mode.

While Turbo Mode is not the most glamorous and exciting way to play Dota, it always helps with completing challenges such as this one. Turbo Mode average around 20-30 minutes of gameplay, allowing for a faster grind. With Turbo Mode, however, you can only get two out of the three tokens that each hero provides at random if you win and nothing if you lose. In normal games, you get all three tokens for winning and one at random if you lose. The pros and cons are pretty distinct. Nonetheless, Turbo Mode still serves its purpose well in helping you collect Crownfall tokens as quickly as possible.

2) Diversify your Crownfall token inventory

Shift-click multiple tokens to find out which heroes provide them (Image by esports.gg)
Shift-click multiple tokens to find out which heroes provide them (Image by esports.gg)

As you play through Crownfall, you'll notice that the required tokens to progress forward become more specific. In the example above, you need Durable and Healer tokens to unlock the next stop. Clicking it shows that the heroes that offer both tokens are Necrophos and Omniknight. In this case, since you do not have either token, the best course of action is to in fact play the recommended hero. However, if you have one of the them, then it is better to play another hero that provides other tokens. The key is to check your inventory and collect missing tokens that you might need in the future.

Crownfall has a neat little feature in the inventory menu where you can hold shift and click multiple tokens to find out which heroes provide them. For instance, assume you have the Healer but not Durable token. And you are thinking of collecting an Initiator token, which is not in your possession.

So, you proceed by shift-clicking the Durable and Initiator tokens to find out that you can play Axe, Brewmaster, so on and so forth. After that you just need to decide which hero you want to play based on the third token they provide. Simply put, work smart by identifying which tokens you already have and diversify your inventory for fast Crownfall progression.

3) Get free tokens from Encounters

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5

The further you get on the Crownfall Overworld Map, the more ways you unveil to collect additional tokens. These are the Encounters, and each one of them helps increasing or optimizing your token inventory. The counters are as follows:

Unlock at
A Pair of Dangerous EyesThe Road to Midgate - 2Get Walking, Flying and Floating
tokens from
Threebeard the Hermit
Token TraderThe Road to Midgate - 5Trade three same tokens
- OR -
Four different tokens for one
Fishing With TidehunterThe Market - 5Go fishing and earn 10k points
Get Fish token and
10 tokens of your choice
Fadho the First-Time Snake CharmerThe Market - 6Play a game of Dota
Receive a token daily
Ripples In The DarkLost and Found - 1TBD
An Always-Closed Candlemaker's ShopLost and Found - 5TBD
Future Site of Scree'Auk TempleThe Hidden Temple - 3TBD
The Pecking PostDivide They Fall - 6
(Pathfinder Pack)
Save one out of three heroes
Get their respective tokens

That's just about all the ways you can maximize your efficiency in collecting Crownfall tokens. With this, you are one step closer in completing the first Act of Crownfall and getting your due rewards!

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