has rounded up the most incredible and creative Tekken 7 mods to customize the game in fun new ways. You’ll be surprised how good some of them are!

When Tekken 7 released on PC, it didn't take long to find impressive mods being made for the game. Over the years modders have gone to extreme lengths to create some of the most imaginative and visually stunning mods for any fighting game. Many have now perfected the craft and release new designs regularly.

There is a mod for just about every feature in Tekken 7. Characters, stages, music, HUDs, and even gameplay mechanics have seen modded redesigns. There are plenty of options to choose from and the vast majority are free to download. We've gather up the most impressive, ambitious, and outrageous Tekken 7 mods for you to discover.

Visual Enhancements

OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset

The Tekken series has always been known for its high-octane action and movie-like presentation. Tekken 7 is no exception, but modders have still found ways to enhance the game’s visuals. The OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset updates nearly every visual aspect in the game.

The OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset mod gives the visuals a attractive boost
The OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset mod gives the visuals a attractive boost

Lighting, shadows, and other background details like flames from torches have been made more realistic. It also adds new hit effects and more cinematic angles to attacks that turn the game into a martial arts blockbuster.  

Tekken Reborn

Tekken 7’s aesthetic is great, but longtime veterans for the series always have a craving for nostalgia. For players yearning for the older days, modder Thel3arracuda has you covered. Their Tekken Reborn mods alter the game’s entire presentation to resemble a classic game of the series. Everything from the scoreboards, music, character select screen, outfits, and announcer voice is given an old-school makeover. Mods for every previous Tekken game are available, but by far the most popular is Tekken 4 Reborn.

Photo by The13arracuda
Photo by The13arracuda

Bound Mod Tekken 7 Mod

The screw attack was introduced in Tekken 7 as the primary way to extend combos. This replaced the Bound mechanic from Tekken 7. This mod adds the Bound system back into Tekken 7 without removing the screw attack. You can use screw and Bound attacks in the same combo.

While the mod will not work with online play, it is a fun way for imaginative players and content creators to pull off some insane combos.

Familiar Faces in Tekken 7 Mods

Classic Yoshimitsu Outfits

Yoshimitsu is a mainstay of the Tekken series, having appeared in every single entry. He is notable for being the only character to have their visual design completely redone each game. The iconic swordsman has had some of the most memorable outfits in the series, but none of them returned as presets in Tekken 7. Thankfully, several modders have recreated them with enhanced graphics to bring Yoshimitsu’s most classic looks to the modern age.

Yoshimitsu Tekken 4 outfit mod by Ultraboy
Yoshimitsu Tekken 4 outfit mod by Ultraboy


A sentient wooden training dummy, Mokujin is one of Tekken’s strangest characters. He doesn’t have a unique fighting style and instead copies the exact moveset of a different character every round. Mokujin debuted in Tekken 3 and returned for Tekken 5 & 6, but is absent from Tekken 7. This mod makes it so any character in the game adorns his appearance to give the illusion that he is “copying” their moves.


Though he only appeared in one main game from the series, Ogre is one of Tekken’s most notorious characters. The final boss from Tekken 3 is a hulking figure that resembles an evil ancient deity.

The character has two forms: the humanoid Ancient Ogre and the beastly True Ogre. Modder VictorSelkovtsk has added both Ogres to Tekken 7, complete with a whole unique move set for Ancient Ogre.

Stage Redecorations


Hon-Maru is the setting for one of the Tekken series’ best cinematic moments. At the climax of Tekken 4, Jin fights both his father Kazuya and grandfather Heihachi at Hon-Maru. The battle ends with Jin transforming into his devil form and flying away. This mod transforms Tekken 7’s Mishima Dojo stage to resemble the Hon-Maru stage from Tekken 4. It is included as part of The13arracuda's Tekken 4 Reborn mod.

Photo by The13arracuda
Photo by The13arracuda

Kame House Tekken 7 Mod

Because they’re already gorgeously made, Infinite Azure and its night time sequel are the most modded stages in Tekken 7. Set on an endless pool of shallow water that reflects light from above, Infinite Azure is visually stunning.

Photo by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">ChampionLeake</a>
Photo by ChampionLeake

While there are plenty of impressive mods for the stage, none top the Kame House update created by ChampionLeake. This mod touches up the water to appear more tropical and adds Master Roshi’s island home from Dragon Ball in the background.

Blossom Shrine

Another masterpiece from ChampionLeake, Blossom Shrine is one of the most gorgeous Tekken 7 stage mods available. It completely overhauls either Geometric Plane or Kinder Gym into an exuberant scene of colors. Fighters now duke it out on a wooden platform surrounding by vibrant trees, cerulean water, and a giant shrine. There is even a large waterfall in the immediate background and additional mountains with shrines further in the distance.


Ever since Noctis debuted as DLC in Season 1, many players started craving more Final Fantasy content in Tekken 7. Final Fantasy VII is arguably the most popular game of series, and has influenced a host of creations from modders. The most visually stunning is Wolfe's Midgar mod for G Corp Helipad. This mod adds FFIV's steampunk city setting in the backdrop as players fight atop a redesigned rooftop. The Midgar mod will be applied to both the day and night versions of G Corp Helipad.

The Midgar Mod also includes a Tifa Lockhart mod to replace Josie (see more below!)
The Midgar Mod also includes a Tifa Lockhart mod to replace Josie (see more below!)

Unexpected Guests in Tekken 7 Mods

Tifa Lockhart

Wolfe didn't just stop with Midgar in their quest to bring Final Fantasy VII to Tekken 7. They also created Tifa Lockhart, the series' most beloved female protagonist. Adapted from her updated design in the FFIV Remake, the Tifa mod looks truly incredible. It even comes with five different outfits taken from the original game. This mod replaces Josie on the character select screen and Tifa adopts her entire move set.


Berserk is one of the most acclaimed anime of all time and well known for its intense action. Modder LoneDevil decided to bring the world of Midland to Tekken 7. They've created character mods for Guts, Skull Knight, and Zodd the Immortal. Each modded character is able to replace a character and adopt their move set. Guts replaces Kazuya and adorns his Berserker Armor instead of changing into a Devil form. The behemoth Zodd replaces Gigas, while the sword-wielding Skull Knight replaces Yoshimitsu.


Comics' favorite wall-crawler has been all the rage as of late, so it's appropriate someone added him into Tekken 7. This mod is influenced by Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, featuring both the classic red and blue suit as well as the black symbiote suit. Modder Ultraboy cleverly uses Jin and Devil Jin as avatars for Spidey's two personas. The classic suit will replace Jin and adopt his move set, while the symbiote suit will do the same for Devil Jin.

Ultimate Cow

Though only a week old, the Ultimate Cow is Tekken 7’s weirdest and wildest mod to date. Videos of a dairy cow using Marshall Law’s move set had Tekken Twitter laughing in disbelief. Many likened it to the kung-fu fighting cow from the spoof movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. Another Ultraboy creation, the Ultimate Cow mod is available as preset replacements for both Law and Devil Jin. 

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