You can now play Fortnite Festival with Rock Band 4 controllers.

Big fan of Fortnite Festival? Sad to see Rock Band 4 discontinue their updates? Luckily, the company that designed the famous Rock Band games has been working with Fortnite and players can now use Rock Band 4 controllers when playing Fortnite Festival.

Here is how you can play Fortnite Festival with a Rock Band guitar controller.

Playing Fortnite Festival with a Rock Band 4 guitar controller

Everyone loves kicking back and playing their favorite hits with a Rock Band guitar. When games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band were first released, people were flocking to the stores to purchase the games with their famous controllers.

Now, Fortnite Festival is letting gamers use their Rock Band 4 guitar controllers to play the game.

Guitar controllers available for use:

  • Riffmaster Wireless Guitar Controller (PC, PlayStation & Xbox)
  • Rock Band 4 Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar (PC, PlayStation & Xbox)
  • Rock Band 4 Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar (PC, PlayStation & Xbox)

Let it be noted, that both Rockband 4 guitars need the Microsoft Xbox One wireless adapter to hook up to Windows 10. You can purchase one here.

Once your game is turned on, Fortnite will be able to read the guitar controller, allowing you to rock out to your favorite hits in Fortnite Festival.

What is Fortnite Festival?

Many of you die-hard Rock Band fans may have never even heard of Fortnite Festival. So what is this game everyone is talking about? Is it just like the popular Battle Royale where players can run around and eliminate each other?

In short; no. Fortnite Festival is a game mode that was first released back in December of 2023, developed by Epic Games and the creators of Rock Band 4. It is essentially the same game as Rock Band 4 but allows players to play a bunch of new hit songs as their favorite Fortnite skin.

The game has been huge since its release and has become a staple within the Fortnite community.

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