Is the Heidi skin in Fortnite considered rare?

Fortnite is no stranger to creating some of the coolest designs for skins within the gaming world. Many of these skins end up releasing multiple times a year, while some only hit the Item Shop every once in a while, making them rare. So what about Heidi? Is she a rare skin in Fortnite? Or just another popular cash grab?

How rare is the Heidi skin in Fortnite?

So how rare exactly is the Heidi skin in Fortnite? The popular outfit, based on the famous German Oktoberfest look, was first released back on September 28, 2018. The skin was a part of the Oktoberfest Set, which included a male skin and various other cosmetics.

Since then, she has only been in the Fortnite Item Shop 11 times. So does this make Heidi a rare Fortnite skin? Yes. Heidi, considered an Epic Outfit, is a decently rare Fortnite skin.

Many other skins designed by Epic Games have been seen in the Item Shop upwards of 50 times since their release. This even goes for skins that were released only in the last year or so. Heidi has been out for six years and is barely ever seen in the Item Shop.

As of now (June 18, 2024), the popular Fortnite skin is available in the Item Shop, so head over to the store and purchase her!

How much does the skin cost?

The Epic Outfit costs a bit more than other skins in Fortnite. Be prepared to spend some V-Bucks.

Heidi Fortnite skin cost:

  • 1,500 V-Bucks

Many popular content creators utilize this skin, including Maddynf who has Heidi as her main skin in her Creator Bundle.

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