This article explains everything you need to know about Chakras in the new Fortnite x Avatar event!

Fortnite’s highly-anticipated crossover event with Avatar: The Last Airbender is finally here. This temporary collaboration offers everything from a separate Battle Pass, which includes various Avatar cosmetics, to four new elemental Mythic abilities. However, those digging into the Avatar event pass may notice that the Appa Glider requires "Chakras" to unlock the item. This article explains how Chakras work in Fortnite.

What are Chakras in Fortnite? How do they work?

Chakras are a part of the Avatar event pass. These tokens will eventually allow players to unlock the Appa Glider. You must acquire six to receive the cosmetic item, but they are directly associated with the Avatar-inspired Quests.

These Quests will progressively unlock between now and April 25. Here is a list of all Chakra Questlines and when they will become available:

Chakras in Fortnite (Credit: Epic Games)
Chakras in Fortnite (Credit: Epic Games)
  • The Water Chakra Quests are live now.
  • The Earth Chakra Quests go live April 15 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Fire Chakra Quests go live April 18 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Air Chakra Quests go live April 22 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Light Chakra and Sound Chakra Quests go live April 25 at 9 AM ET.

How do I get Chakras from the Avatar Quests?

As mentioned above, the Water Chakra Quests are now live in Fortnite. There are six in total, and after completing just four, you will receive the first of six Chakras, which count toward your Fortnite Appa Glider progress.

The Earth Chakra Quests will unlock on April 15 at 9 a.m. Once that time comes, you will need to complete four of those to "open the Earth Chakra." Players must repeat this process for the Fire, Air, and Light and Sound Chakras to claim the Appa Glider.

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Here's a quick summary to make that information a bit clearer:

  • Complete four of six Water Chakra Quests to open the Water Chakra
  • This Water Chakra counts as one of six toward unlocking the Appa Glider
  • Repeat this same process when the remaining Chakras Quests go live between now and April 25
  • After completing 20 Quests, you should have all six Chakras to unlock the Appa Glider

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