Who is Jawbreaker in Fortnite? A look at the popular skin cover image

Who is Jawbreaker in Fortnite? A look at the popular skin

The popular Fortnite skin, Jawbreaker, is trending amongst the Fortnite community, but who exactly is the infamous skin?

Fortnite stays ahead of the game when it comes to creating unique cosmetics and skins for players to indulge in. While they also have the most collaborations with franchises, they do not hold back when creating their own skins and more.

One of these popular skins, the Jawbreaker, has been catching the eye of players recently.

But who is Jawbreaker in Fortnite? And why is she so popular?

Who is Jawbreaker in Fortnite?

First released back in 2019 during Chapter 2, Season 1, Jawbreaker stands as one of the older skins in the game. While she is not a Chapter 1 outfit, she still holds quite a bit of value due to her release being five years ago.

The skin takes the popular Rachel Model, turning her into a stealthy/spy-looking type of character.

The Jawbreaker outfit is also a part of the Final Reckoning set, which includes skins like Chaos Agent, Willow and more.

So how does a player acquire the Jawbreaker skin in Fortnite?

How to get Jawbreaker in Fortnite

Grabbing the skin is quite easy, as long as you are staying up to date with the Item Shop. The skin has never been available through challenges or the Battle Pass and is instead a skin you must purchase through the Item Shop.

Jawbreaker's most recent appearance in the Fortnite Item Shop was on February 19, 2024. How much is the skin, though?

Jawbreaker Fortnite Item Shop cost:

  • 1,200 V-Bucks.

The skin is currently listed as rare, but despite its release being so long ago, Jawbreaker has been in the Item Shop quite a few times, making it easy to get.

Does Jawbreaker have a LEGO Fortnite skin?

For those who enjoy the skin and are big LEGO Fortnite fans will be delighted to know that Jawbreaker does have a LEGO Fortnite variant. Compared to a lot of other LEGO Fortnite skins, Jawbreaker has a lot of depth to her design.

Fortnite has been on top of porting their original skins over to LEGO Fortnite, making the game much more versatile since you can switch between modes using the same skin.

As the game moves forward, LEGO Fortnite should consistently get skins ported over from the Battle Royale.

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