While most of what you obtain the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test will be gone once its over, there are a few permanent rewards to earn.

The Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test is live, and there are a handful of rewards you can earn. As you play through the game, you'll unlock plenty of items, but not all of them remain.

It's been noted that progress is not retained from the Alpha to any other tests or the full release. There are three known rewards, however, that you get to carry over with your account.

Every reward you can keep from the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test

You can acquire in-game currency, nameplates, sprays, and even costumes in the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha. Most of that will disappear from your account once the test is over. The exception is just a small batch of Marvel Rivals rewards.

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Here is each one and how you can obtain it, to carry on over to the game's full launch:

  • Galactic Glories Spray
    • Join Quick Match between 6 and 8 p.m. PDT each day of the test for Creator Clash, a chance to play with or against the devs. Be a lucky player that matchmakes with a dev, complete the match, and this reward is yours.
  • Test Elite (Alpha) Nameplate
    • Reach level 27 in the Galacta's Quest event during the test
  • Moonlit Witch Scarlet Witch Costume
    • Reach level 30 in the Galacta's Quest event during the test
  • Dawn of Legends Nameplate
    • Place in the Top 32 during the test's Dawn of Legends 6v6 tournament
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All of the rewards will stay with you as long as you play on the same account from the Closed Alpha Test when Marvel Rivals officially releases.

The two that require leveling up are simple enough to get. The Spray requires a bit of luck when it comes to matchmaking.

And the final one, well, you better get some friends on board. The 6v6 Dawn of Legends tournament is going to be as competitive as it gets. Top 32 will be no easy feat.

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