How long it takes you to complete Stellar Blade can depend on your approach to the game and if you want to just experience the story or additional in-game content.

Stellar Blade is Sony's latest exclusive to release for the PlayStation 5 and it has opened to massive success. Despite some issues, critics and players have plenty of positive reviews for the game. Some players are still skeptical of what they're getting into and if you're one of those, you might want to know how much content you're getting for your money. How long it'll take you to beat Stellar Blade depends on how you'd like to play it.

How long is the Stellar Blade Story?

If you're only playing the game for the story and nothing more, completing the story will take you around 12-15 hours. A lot of this depends on the proficiency of your combat skills and whether or not you get distracted by some of the optional objectives and content in the game, of which there is plenty.

All said and done, 12-15 hours is a decent amount of time for playing a game just for its story. Most players enjoy Stellar Blade for its gameplay and its well-detailed game world, so you might want to explore more.

How long does it take to complete the game in its entirety?

If you're a completionist and want to explore everything Stellar Blade offers, it'll take around 50 hours to do so. This is a conservative estimate for players who explore and complete every single aspect of the game.

That said, trophy hunters looking for the Platinum can expect around 25-30 hours of gameplay. This is relieving news for players who get exhausted by long-drawn games and exhausting open worlds with hundreds of hours of content.

The game has a diverse combination of boss fights, puzzles and collectables to explore. Most players aim to unlock all 39 outfits in Stellar Blade, which are among the game's highlights.

Stellar Blade is available for purchase on PlayStation 5 and is among the most popular games to release in 2024.

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