Marvel Rivals is absolutely better with your friends at your side, so use our simple guide on how to add them to rack up some wins.

The NetEase superhero title requires exemplary teamwork. You need to be on the same page, pick a group of heroes that work well together, and execute a perfect strategy to win. What better way to do that than by adding and playing with your friends in Marvel Rivals?

It's super easy and can be done right from the main screen of the game. Let's go over how to do so.

How to add your friends in Marvel Rivals

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

As soon as you open Marvel Rivals, you can add your friends to play. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Marvel Rivals
  2. Click on the icon shaped like two bodies next to your nameplate art
  3. View the recent players and select to Add Friend to add someone you meshed well with in the game
  4. Type your friend's username in the search bar, press Enter, and do the same to add them that way

Alternatively, your friends can add you in Marvel Rivals. They just need to follow the above steps, too. Then you can select the icon with the plus sign from the Friends section of the game, and you can choose to accept the request they sent.

How to invite friends to play in Marvel Rivals

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

After you have added someone to play with in Marvel Rivals, it is just as simple to invite them to play. The steps are very similar:

  1. Launch Marvel Rivals
  2. Click the body-shaped icon in the top right
  3. Find your friend or a recent player on the respective list
  4. Click the flag with the plus icon to invite them to your game

From there, you can queue up in any of the Marvel Rival modes. And if you lose, at least it won't be because no one was giving call outs.

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