Zamaharibu is a ferocious sea monster in Skull and Bones that the Sea People have placed a bounty on, known as Jaws of Retribution.

Skull and Bones is rooted in reality, but there are plenty of fantastical elements within the game. One such piece of Skull and Bones that's horrifying and rewarding all at the same time is the Jaws of Retribution.

This is a bounty you can claim from the Bounty Board of Sainte-Anne. It is part of Season 1: Raging Tides, and is available March 5 - 26 and returns later May 21 - 28.

Follow along with us and we show you were to find the monstrous Zamaharibu and how to leave its corpse floating in the Indian Ocean.

Where to find Zamaharibu in Skull and Bones

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To start Jaws of Retribution in Skull and Bones, you need to go to a Bounty Board and accept the contract. It refreshes every day, so you can continue to collect upon it.

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After you've accepted the contract, follow these steps to locate the beast known as Zamaharibu:

  1. Open your Journal and choose to track the Jaws of Retribution contract.
  2. Set sail from your current location towards the map marker, in the southeast of Open Seas.
  3. You can also fast travel to Kokok Terapung near the Central Basin to set sail even closer.
  4. Approach the marker on the map and watch as Zamaharibu emerges from the depths to wreak havoc.

How to complete the Jaws of Retribution bounty in Skull and Bones

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It is advised that you battle Zamaharibu in a group with other pirates. This is mentioned when you accept the Jaws of Retribution bounty in Skull and Bones. It is possible to defeat the sea monster on your own.

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Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Bring a high level ship, such as a Snow or Barque, that has defensive or healing capabilities.
  • Fight it from a distance with mortars and bombards.
  • Try not to hit other ships, as the NPC factions will assist in fighting Zamaharibu if they are not hostile towards you.
  • Watch for it to submerge and then attack you from beneath, as you can dodge this to avoid damage and land quite a few hits while it has breached.
  • If you're alone and Zamaharibu sinks you, you can spend Silver to respawn nearby and the damage you dealt will remain, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

After you defeat it, grab the loot. You are automatically given Zamaharibu's Eyes, which is how you finish Jaws of Retribution in Skull and Bones. Sail to Lanitra, just northwest of Sainte-Anne, or dock and fast travel there.

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(Screenshot via

Go immediately right as you make land to find the Sea People Huntmaster. Speak to him to turn in the bounty, receive some Infamy, a decent amount of Silver, and a special chest you can open with additional rewards inside.

Zamaharibu loot drops and uses

If you tackle Zamaharibu for the Jaws of Retribution bounty in a group, the monster is a bit more challenging. You will gain more rewards based on that, however. This is what will drop after you kill it:

  • Monstrous Tooth
  • Zamaharibu Scales

There are three main blueprints you can purchase from the Sea People Huntmaster. One of them is a food item and another is the Great Springald III weapon. The most valuable of the bunch, though, is the Ouroboros ship armor.

You need to collect several Monstrous Tooth to purchase any of the above, but the armor is a pretty high amount of 50. And after you get the blueprint, you'll need four more to craft it, along with four of the Zamaharibu Scales.

Combine those with the other listed materials, and you've got an incredible ship armor that restores a small bit of Hull Health while bracing, and constantly restores 100 Severe Damage to your ship every second.

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