You can get thousands of Astrites for free.

Astrites in Wuthering Waves is a premium currency that lets you purchase more Convene or Banner pulls. The more Astrites you have, the bigger pulls you can make which can guarantee you high-rarity Resonators or weapons. Fortunately, there are a plethora of methods for players to farm Astrites in Wuthering Waves for FREE. Check out all ten methods below!

How to farm Astrites in Wuthering Waves for free

1. Complete Quests

The most obvious way to get tons of Astrites in your pocket is by competing quests. There are tons of quests available for you to play including the Main Quest, Companion Stories, Side Quests, Daily Quests, and Side Quests. The bigger the quest, the more Astrites will be rewarded. Here are some examples of quests and the Astrites they give.

  • Main Quest: Clashing Blades - 100 Astrites
  • Companion Story: Lingyang - 100 Astrites
  • Exploration Quest: We Promise, We Deliver - 100 Astrites
  • Side Quest: Photos of Jhinzou - 20 Astrites
  • Side Quest: Secret Investigation - 40 Astrites

2. Increase your Union Level

Your Union Level is basically your account's level which you can increase by completing quests, defeating Tacet Discords, completing challenges and just overall playing the game. In the Voyage's Beginning > Awakening Journey event tab, you'll see a bunch of Astrites ready to be given if you reach Union Level milestones. Here are the Astrite rewards for each Union Level milestone:

  • Level 5 - 200 Astrites
  • Level 10 - 400 Astrites
  • Level 45 - 1000 Astrites

3. Explore the map!

The open-world of Wuthering Waves is massive but with every step you take, you can earn Exploration Progress. To check your Exploration Progress and claim rewards, interact with Maqi at the Pioneer Association in the center of Jinzhou. Click "About my Exploration Progress."

You'll see the percentages of your progress for every part of Huanglong - the main map of the world. More exploration means more EXP for your Pioneer Level. With every Pioneer Level increased, you will get 50 Astrites on top of other rewards! If you complete the map exploration, you can get 5,000 total Astrites!

While exploring the map, you'll also encounter tons of valuable materials and items such as Supply Chests and Sonance Caskets. These items can earn you a ton of extra Astrites! So make sure to continuously interact with everything on the map.

Doing a ton of explorations will ALSO unlock some achievements in the Trophies tab which again, equals to more Astrites! Overall, exploring the map is the main source of farming Astrites but it is time consuming and slower than most other methods.

4. Participate in Events

There are permanent and limited-time events where you can collect tons of rewards by achieving certain to-dos. For example, in the Echo Hunters event, you'll need to reach Data Bank level 10 to get 30 Astrites. Completing the Solitary Path quest which is Yinlin's Companion Story, earns you 100 Astrites. Note that even though all this current events are permanent, they give a one-time only reward.

Here are the total Astrites you can collect via the Events tab at the time of writing:

  • Echo Hunters - 100 Astrites
  • Ascendant Aces - 20 Astrites
  • Solitary Path (Yinlin's Companion Story) - 100 Astrites
  • Awakening Journey - 1,600 Astrites

5. Collect Activity Points - Guidebook

The Activity tab is a reliable way to earn Astrites as the rewards and challenges reset daily. This tab lists down six very simple challenges such as "Absorb 1 Echo" and "Upgrade Weapon Level once". The more you complete, the more Astrites you can claim. You can get a total of 60 Astrites from Activity Points daily. But don't forget to CLAIM the rewards otherwise it'll be swept away after the daily reset.

6. Complete Milestones - Guidebook

There are tons of great to-dos in the Milestones tab that will also help you progress in Wuthering Waves. These include leveling up a Resonator to Level 30, activating 6 Resonance beacons, and more.

After completing six challenges in Stage 1, you'll earn 60 Astrites. A few more Stages will follow up until a maximum of Stage 6, which will earn you better rewards and more Astrites!

  • Stage 1 - 60 Astrites
  • Stage 2 - 60 Astrites
  • Stage 3 - 80 Astrites
  • Stage 4 - 80 Astrites
  • Stage 5 - 100 Astrites
  • Stage 6 - 100 Astrites
  • Total Astrites: 480 Astrites

7. Complete all tutorials - Guidebook

In the Path of Growth tab, simply complete the tutorials for each Resonator that you own and also go through combat skill training for skills such as dodging and using Outro Skill. These will give you a humble amount of Astrites but require very simple tasks! For every Resonator's tutorial complete, you'll earn 10 Astrites.

8. Collect more Echoes - Data Bank

The Data Bank is a progress tab specifically for collecting Echoes. The more types of Echoes you unlock, the more Data Bank EXP and level you can get. So go out there and hunt some Tacet Discords to gain Echo drops. If you unlock up until level 20 in the Data Bank you can earn a total of 960 Astrites!

9. Unlock achievements - Trophies

In the Terminal > Trophies tab, you can find a bunch of challenges to achieve. These are categorized into the Exploration, Journey, Battles, and Voices trophies. There are a variety of simple and more advanced challenges. Simple ones include using all 10 markers on the map and inspecting a peach tree in Qishi Villange. The tougher ones usually calls for completing quests and solving puzzles.

10. Mail

Don't overlook the perks of your Mail! It often contains gifts, rewards, and compensations from developers including a ton of Astrites. You have to claim these from the Mail, otherwise it can disappear once the mails expire.

An example above shows a mail from the Wuthering Waves devs to show their gratitude after the game reached a pre-registration and social media follower milestone. This grants you a whopping 200 Astrites!

That sums up all 10 methods to farm Astrites in Wuthering Waves. There are obviously other little challenges hidden across the map that can earn you more of the currency. So make sure to keep up the exploration and discover more features and rewards along the way.

Stick around for more Wuthering Waves content!