Trade your way to wealth.

Manor Lords has maintained an impressive six-figure player base for most of its uptime since its April 27 release, thanks to its rewarding and unique gameplay style. The immersive city-builder with RTS combat challenges players to build up a settlement piece-by-piece, which can prove seriously difficult at times. One of the keys to finding success in Manor Lords is learning how to get regional wealth.

So, here's our guide on the best ways to get rich through trading in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords regional wealth guide

The best way to get regional wealth in Manor Lords is by learning how to trade most effectively. To do this, players need to understand how to navigate the trade rule option, establish trading routes, and figure out what resources are going to be their biggest moneymakers. Which resource you export will depend heavily on the situation of your settlement, so make sure to keep your context in mind.

Manor Lords trade rule

The first step in getting your Trading Post up and running in Manor Lords is to toggle your trade rule from No Trade to either Import, Export, or Full Trade. This is done by simply clicking the dropdown arrow next to the word on the left-hand side of the Trading Post UI.

We are exporting our slight excess of Barley, but want to maintain at least 75 for our own use. (Image via
We are exporting our slight excess of Barley, but want to maintain at least 75 for our own use. (Image via

Once you have a an excess of a resource and want to trade, you'll want to either select Export if you'd only like to sell or Full Trade if you'd also be willing to buy once your surplus is depleted. Your surplus is set on the same screen, simply by typing in what number you'd like to have on hand at all times. If you are importing, this will be how many your assigned worker will look to procure.

Setting up trade routes in Manor Lords

Creating a trading route is a great way to speed up the process in Manor Lords, but it isn't required for all types of resources. As long as you have a family staffing the Trading Post and items trade rules set up, trade will happen. But if you have a massive excess and want to export quickly to make money, we'd suggest using a trading route or two.

However, some resource types require players to set up a trading route in order to buy or sell them. These are things like weapons, rooftiles, leather, or anything under the Major Trades tab on the Trading Post screen.

Manor Lords best resources for trading

Without being too specific, the best resources to trade in Manor Lords are ones that players can most easily spare. This could be clay, excess crops from successful farming, crafted weapons (with a trading route only), or rarer items like apples or honey.

In the current game we are playing through here, the settlement is right next to a rich iron deposit and we have several Tier 2 burgage plots that have been converted into bakeries. As a result, there's been a nice excess of both iron ore and bread. Both great for making an easy profit.

Rich iron deposits can be great ways to generate wealth in the early game (Image via
Rich iron deposits can be great ways to generate wealth in the early game (Image via

When trading something for a long time, make sure to keep an eye on the market value of that item. In the example shown above, iron ore's value has dropped slightly from overselling in the early game. When this happens, consider manufacturing iron slabs or shifting your primary export to something more valuable.

We hope this guide proves useful for you as you look to procure more regional wealth for your people. For more guides and early access updates on Manor Lords, make sure to stay tuned here at