The Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Test is live in July, and we now know how you can join via your respective platform.

It is safe to say the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test was a success, as the team has now announced a Closed Beta that you can join in July.

The Closed Beta moves on from just PC to consoles as well, and includes more characters with full crossplay support.

We've got you covered with everything you need to know about it and how to join.

How to sign up for the July Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Test

(Image via NetEase)
(Image via NetEase)

Marvel Rivals is celebrating over 1 million wishlists for the game. With that, they've laid out the plan for Closed Beta Test signup. It is a different method for PC and console users, so pay close attention to the platform you choose.

PC users on Steam

The Closed Alpha Test was for Steam only, thus, you can expect more Steam users during the Marvel Rivals Closed Beta.

There's no form to fill out with hopes of getting in this time. Instead, any Steam users can simply wishlist the game and request access directly through Steam when the playtest opens up in July.

Console players

Like PC users did during the Closed Alpha, those wanting to join the Marvel Rivals Closed Beta on console systems will need to fill out a questionnaire.

Join the Marvel Rivals Discord fore more information, or simply access the questionnaire directly. You will receive an email if you've been chosen, so fingers crossed and good luck.

What's new in the Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Test?

(Image via NetEase)
(Image via NetEase)

The Closed Alpha Test included a long list of characters and a few game modes to satisfy players. It was available on PC only, through Steam. The most obvious addition to the Closed Beta Test is that Marvel Rivals is now open for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S users.

Outside of that, here's everything else the Marvel Rivals NetEase team has promised or hinted at:

  • Full crossplay and cross progression during the Closed Beta Test
  • Venom and Adam Warlock join the roster
    • New team-up of Symbiote Bond for Venom, Spider-Man, and Peni Parker
    • New team-up of Guardian Revival with Adam Warlock, Star-Lord, and Mantis
  • New TOKYO 2099: SPIDER-ISLANDS map
  • More regions will have access to the Closed Beta Test
    • Includes additional language options

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