This guide explains how you can unlock the Black Pearl Nano Suit in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade’s wide selection of outfits has players seeking to unlock them all. While the Bunny outfit has emerged as an early favorite, the Black Pearl Nano Suit is gaining steam. This guide explains how you can unlock this outfit and add it to your collection.

How do I unlock the Black Pearl Nano Suit?

Credit: Iforgetwhat8wuzfor on Reddit
Credit: Iforgetwhat8wuzfor on Reddit

Those looking to unlock the Black Pearl Nano Suit must acquire all 49 collectible cans in the game. These cans of various beverages become more prominent once you have met with Adam and Lily and reached Xion.

As you navigate through the somewhat desolate city, you will stumble across various vending machines. Some of these dispense drinks which you can acquire by interacting with the machine. After it doesn't work the usual way, Eve will kick it and a beverage will fall out. These are your key to the Black Pearl Nano Suit.

Where can I find cans in Stellar Blade?

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Vending machines containing cans exist in almost every significant area in the game. For example, we found several in Xion and another shortly after in the Wastelands.

Although we don't have a complete list of the locations yet, your best and easiest place to begin is in Xion. From there, you will be able to identify each machine and add another can to your collection. The best part is you can fast travel to revisit areas you may have missed.

Here is a list of the canned drinks we have found so far. Remember, you need all 49 to receive the Black Pearl Nano Suit:

  • The Machinetta Caramel Macchiato
  • Behemoth Red
  • The Machinetta Americano
  • Mountain Sparkle Mont Blanc
  • GrainT Corn

Players have enjoyed watching Eve pose with each can, and it all works toward unlocking this highly sought-after outfit. We will update this article with precise locations, so be sure to check back for more details.

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