The Finals has a new limited-time event for Easter, called Bunny Bash, taking place in the 5v5 Power Shift mode.

An Easter-themed event is live in The Finals, known as Bunny Bash. There are several contracts to complete, all with rewards that are based around the Easter holiday and the hopping animal found in the event's name.

We'll go over the special mode, the contracts, and the rewards you can earn.

The Finals Bunny Bash event details

Much like previous limited-time events, Bunny Bash in The Finals has specific rules. There are premade loadouts and its own game mode in the menu.

Event length

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

First of all, it is important to know just how long you have to complete all of the contracts during the event. It went live on March 27, and at the start of it, has a timer of 13 days.

That means The Finals Bunny Bash event lasts until April 10. After that, you will not be able to receive any of the rewards or complete any of the contracts.

Game mode

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Bunny Bash takes place in The Finals' newest game mode, Power Shift. This 5v5 mode arrived with Season 2, and this special version of it takes place on the new SYS$HORIZON map, decorated for Easter. Here are the rules of Power Shift if you aren't familiar:

  • Length: Single match
  • Platform Speed: Platform moves faster if controlling team has two or three members on it
  • Earn Cash: Move the platform toward your team's base
  • Loadout: You can switch your contestant pack and access your reserve between spawns, but loadouts are premade
  • Overtime: Triggered when trailing team controls the platform at the end of regulation
  • Respawn Credits: Unlimited

You and your team fight over a platform, control it in a King of the Hill-like manner, and move it closer to your finish line to win.

Contracts and rewards for The Finals Bunny Bash event

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Six contracts are available in The Finals Bunny Bash. Each has a cosmetic reward you earn upon completion. Each one is as follows:

  • Play 3 rounds with a Light Build in Bunny Bash - Painted Eggcellence (SR-84 Skin)
  • Play 3 rounds with a Medium Build in Bunny Bash - Painted Eggcellence (Model 1887 Skin)
  • Play 3 rounds with a Heavy Build in Bunny Bash - Painted Eggcellence (SA1216 Skin)
  • Revive teammates 6 times in Bunny Bash- Hoppy Easter (Sticker)
  • Deal 1,000 damage with gadgets in Bunny Bash - Easter Basket (Weapon Charm)
  • Get 15 eliminations or assists in Bunny Bash - Bunny Spray
  • Complete all contracts in the Stage - 300 VRs
  • Complete all contracts in the Circuit - Bunny Bash Outfit
(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Nine total rounds are required to unlock all of the rewards. That's the minimum, but it could take you a bit longer if you don't focus on the objectives. And as a reminder, all of this needs to happen in the Bunny Bash mode.

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