The Finals newest mode, Terminal Attack, launches with in-game event that rewards players with a slew of cosmetics.

The Finals has introduced its second 5v5 game mode. This time, it shifts more towards a traditional FPS objective. Terminal Attack is the name, and with it comes a new event in The Finals that has contracts to complete and rewards to earn.

Terminal Attack is a round-based mode with no healing and no revives. With just one life, the attacking team needs to take over a terminal and hold it while they upload. The defending team, of course, must prevent that.

Here is everything you can earn if you take part in the event.

The Finals Terminal Attack Event details

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The event itself is pretty straightforward. You just need to play Terminal Attack in The Finals to work your way towards several in-game items.

In terms of the game's, the CNS has continued their attack on the contest. They hacked it at the start of Season 2 and now this is their own game mode addition.

Event length

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

This Terminal Attack Event is one of the longer ones we've seen in The Finals. Typically, players have anywhere between 10-14 days to complete the contracts.

With this one, however, upon release on May 2, players have 20 whole days to unlock everything. It says right in the game when you load in that the Terminal Attack Event in The Finals ends on May 22, 2024.

Contracts and rewards for The Finals Terminal Attack Event

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

There are six total contracts to complete, but seven total rewards. Once you finish the entire set of contracts, you get an extra item for total completion. Here all of the contracts and everything you can earn during the Terminal Attack Event in The Finals:

  • Play 2 matches with a Light Build in Terminal Attack - VAIIIYA Domain (Headwear)
  • Play 2 matches with a Medium Build in Terminal Attack - CNS Anti-Recognition (Body Paint)
  • Play 2 matches with a Heavy Build in Terminal Attack - VAIIYA Perimeter (Upper Body)
  • Play 10 matches of Terminal Attack - Call Me Sign (Expression)
  • Win 1 round as a defender in Terminal Attack - VAIIYA Defense (Weapon Sticker)
  • Win 1 round as an attacker in Terminal Attack - CNS Disruption (Spray)
  • Circuit Completion Reward - CNS Script-Shirt (Upper Body)

It will take you a minimum of 10 matches of Terminal Attack to complete the entire circuit. Honestly, the seems easy enough. Have fun!

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