Warcraft Rumble’s first raid, Molten Core, is coming soon!

The popular mobile game set in the World of Warcraft universe, Warcraft Rumble, has gotten its first-ever raid, and players are here for it. Here is everything you need to know about the raid, Molten Core.

Warcraft Rumble's Molten Core story

Every raid has to have a bit of a plot, doesn't it? Molten Core is no exception. The raid takes place at Blackrock Mountain, which was created when the Dark Iron dwarf Thaurissan summoned Ragnaros into Azeroth.

This massive hellscape is the perfect location for a raid, as players will have to fight through the fire and monsters that lurk beneath.

With quite a few bosses and more, players will have to trek their way through Blackrock Mountain and take on every foe.

Raid requirements and bosses

The new Molten Core raid in Warcraft Rumble has a total of 7 bosses you must defeat, but there are specific requirements for each.

Here are the Molten Core requirements for every boss:

  • Sigils Required: 90

Minimum Level:

  • Wing 1: 22-24
    • Lucifron
    • Magmadar
  • Wing 2: 24-26
    • Garr
    • Gehennas & Shazz
  • Wing 3: 26-28
    • Baron Geddon
    • Golemagg
  • Ragnaros: 28-30


The Molten Core raid in Warcraft Rumble only takes place for about a week, so make sure you are prepared to get involved.

Molten Core dates: June 5 at 11 a.m. PDT - June 12 at 10:59 a.m.

Initial Schedule:

  • Siege
  • Raid
  • Off week

Regular Schedule:

  • Siege
  • Off week
  • Raid
  • Off week

Get your calendars ready!


Don't worry, the Molten Core raid in Warcraft Rumble comes with a plethora of rewards for those who complete it.

Molten Core raid rewards:

  • 100 Valor when defeating Lucifron
  • 100 Valor when defeating Magmadar
  • 1 Boost Slot when clearing Wing 1
  • 100 Valor when defeating Garr
  • 100 Valor when defeating Gehennas & Shazzrah
  • 1 Mythic Tome when clearing Wing 2
  • 100 Valor when defeating Baron Geddon
  • 100 Valor when defeating Golemagg
  • Legendary Core when clearing Wing 3
  • Ragnaros as a Leader when completing the Molten Core raid

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