The Precision Drilling Bit in Skull and Bones is a rather useful resource, as it allows you to craft some of the most powerful weapons.

There are plenty of items and resources to collect in Skull and Bones, including the Precision Drilling Bit. It is one of many rare materials needed to craft anything from new ships to powerful weapons. We'll show you where you can find a Precision Drilling Bit, giving you the upper hand when it comes to crafting.

How to get a Precision Drilling Bit in Skull and Bones

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There are only a handful of surefire ways to obtain a Precision Drilling Bit in Skull and Bones. You can always attack random Dutch Merchant Company ships of higher levels and hope the loot includes one. Or you can put in a bit extra work to guarantee one.

Complete DMC Merchant Convoy events

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You can attack DMC Merchant Convoys. These trigger as World Events, which rotate throughout a Skull and Bones season. You'll be informed when one appears on the map, and again when you get close to participate.

These are best handled in a group, but you can still sink some of the ships without actually completing the event. If you board them instead of straight sinking them, you up your chances for a Precision Drilling Bit.

Just make sure you have a ton of food to keep your stamina high. The DMC convoys have several ships guarding them, and it can get very overwhelming with mortar after mortar dropping on you. Keep eating to zoom past the hit zone and take the fight to these ships for the rare item.

Plunder DMC Forts in Skull and Bones for Precision Drilling Bits

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The DMC owns plenty of Precision Drilling Bits in Skull and Bones. They are a powerful faction near the endgame, however, so your ship rank will need to be quite high to take them on. Especially if you look to plunder their many military forts.

The zones while plundering these are huge. Ships will sail in to try and stop you, and they have a handful of towers in the area you'll need to destroy. On top of that, DMC Forts are heavily fortified with cannons on their walls. You'll need to destroy at least one wall halfway through the plunder to reach the end.

Rockets or Bombard weapons that have the perk to deal extra damage to structures are you best friends here. You can also plunder these Skull and Bones Forts with friends, which makes takes the heat off of you a bit and provides additional loot for those in a group.

Complete a Cutthroat Cargo Hunt PvP event

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(Screenshot via

This is the outlier here, as it is not guaranteed to provide a Precision Drilling Bit. In the Cutthroat Cargo Hunt PvP event, a legendary treasure map spawns in the ocean. Players can opt in to battle over the map, and whoever carries to the treasure's location and successfully docks is rewarded with riches.

Dig up the treasure from the Cutthroat Cargo Hunt map and you'll receive a slew of items. This can range from higher tier weapons and ship furniture, a mass of Silver, and rare materials. The Precision Drilling Bit is included in the pool, so fingers crossed you find one doing this method.

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