William Blackwood operates the Smuggler’s Network in Skull and Bones, but despite his introduction, he still remains a bit of a mystery.

Skull and Bones Season 1: Raging Tides introduces us to a round of new characters. From evil cursed pirates to mysterious middlemen, there's plenty to uncover with the content update. That includes an individual in Skull and Bones who falls into the latter category, named William Blackwood.

He just kind of shows up, talks about his sponsor/boss, and complains about Philippe La Peste. That's not all there is to him, though. William Blackwood is who you want to see when it comes to all the happenings in the world and the Smuggler Pass.

Where to find William Blackwood in Skull and Bones

William Blackwood is found near the docks of both Pirate Dens. At first, you'll need to talk to him in Sainte-Anne. As you dock, just head forward and he'll be right there with Skelly Welly, a new cat Pet you can obtain through the Smuggler Pass, over his shoulder.

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

In Telok Penjarah, you have to go a bit further in. Head down the dock into the Pirate Den, then go to the right side of the Warehouse NPC. Here, he has a mask covering the lower portion of his face and pretends he's never met you before.

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

Is this perhaps a twin with the same name? Probably not. It is more likely that he's trying to stay incognito at this other Pirate Den, as to not bring too much attention to him. Either way, you can find William Blackwwod at both Sainte-Anne and Telok Penjarah if you need to speak with him in Skull and Bones.

Everything we know about William Blackwood in Skull and Bones

Above William Blackwood's head reads Smuggler's Network. It appears to be separate from the Helm, and he often mentions a higher up in New York. That is the in-game reason for where the goods in the Smuggler Pass have come from.

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

Aside from introducing the Smuggler Pass to you, which you can view from the Tab Menu instead of speaking to him, he's got some quests available:

  • A Smuggler's Way: Simply accept this and you'll receive access to the Smuggler Pass. You don't actually have to do any objectives.
  • The African Ailment: You need to track down a ship off the Coast of Africa and sink it. Grab the quest item and return it to William Blackwood. This is your first introduction to the Fleet of Pestilence.
  • Peste Control: This requires you to defeat Plaguebringer ships, which start the season between the Red Isle and Coast of Africa. Upon sinking one, you can loot the captain's head. Return two of them to Blackwood to complete it. It refreshes every day.

You don't need Peste Control active to deliver Plaguebringer Captain's heads to William Blackwood in Skull and Bones. Do it any time you're in possession of one for some Infamy and Silver. Just be advised, the more of them in your cargo, the more the Plaguehunter ships will appear and try to sink you.

That's really all we know about William Blackwood in Skull and Bones. Just what he provides to us, and the intel he has on Philippe La Peste. Who does he work for and what else will we learn about him? That, and perhaps additional quests of his, may arrive later in Season 1.

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