5 Hearthstone decks to get Legend after the Audiopocalypse Miniset cover image

5 Hearthstone decks to get Legend after the Audiopocalypse Miniset

A new Hearthstone season started only one day after the Audiopocalypse Miniset release, and today we bring you 5 decks to climb to Legend!

Today we present you five decks to climb in this new Hearthstone Audiopocalypse Miniset meta. With 38 new cards to play with, many pro players and content creators started brewing some new creations. In this article, we've compiled some post-miniset deck lists for every Hearthstone player to try out. Check them out.

Decks for the Hearthstone Audiopocalypse miniset

It seems that the Doomsayer was not that wrong, the Auidopocalypse is here! The last Hearthstone miniset is here to spice up the meta, allowing more decks to shine.

The returning Dual Class cards to Hearthstone made this miniset much more impactful since the same card could fit in more than one deck. These cards made it possible that each class would get 5 class cards instead of the usual three since two of them were Dual Class.

If you want to know more about the miniset, its mechanics and new cards, feel free to explore our articles on the topic in our Hearthstone section, now it's time to talk about decks.

Hearthstone Warrior Decks

While it seemed impossible, the Audipocalypse Hearthstone miniset came to make Warrior great again, and that's why today we present you with, not one, but two decks from this resurging class. Warrior has been suffering ever since the Sunken City nerfs a year ago. Today Garrosh fans are catching a break.

The first and possibly most fun Hearthstone Warrior deck is the Menagerie list. Zach, from Vicious Syndicate, refined this deck by adding some new Miniset cards like Abyssal Bassist, Remixed Tunning Fork and Magatha, Bane of Music. The inclusion of Zola gives it some extra value on top, for slow matchups.

Menagerie Warrior Deck code: AAECAQcGjskEltQE4qQFr8MFqOAF5uQFDOG1BIe3BLLBBJWqBa3DBeLNBfDNBdbQBbTRBePkBbDpBcaeBgAA

List by Zach
List by Zach
List from Zeddy
List from Zeddy

Enrage Warrior code by Zeddy: AAECAQcIi6AEjKAEnNQEgdwEiN8EuMUF9MgFud0FC//bBL7iBImDBc2SBY+VBaCZBZGjBerQBevQBezQBfTyBQA=

To celebrate Warrior entering positive winrate in Hearthstone we bring you an extra deck for you to try out. This Enrage list shared by Zeddy on his Youtube channel uses the known shell and adds one of the possibly best cards the class got from the miniset, Jam Session. The spell absolutely synergies with your game plan.

Warning, this deck is not easy to master, but if you want to climb the Hearthstone ladder in the Audipocalypse miniset meta, it might be worth learning it.

Feno Unholy Aggro Death Knight

If you only care about the results, this next list might be for you. Feno posted an Unholy Death Knight deck that includes the new Deathrattle synergies the latest Hearthstone miniset gave the class. The game plan is not much different than what you already know, so it should be easy to adapt. As Feno says, "It's just old Green with Deathrattle stuff. It works."

List by Feno
List by Feno

Unholy Aggro Death Knight Deck Code: AAECAfHhBAb47ASk7wTipAX0yAXm5AXXogYM0aAEkuQEhfYEh/YEkpMFoJkFopkFrqEFhaoF88gF8OgF1J4GAAA=

Hearthstone Audiopocalypse miniset decks for Paladin and Hunter

Time to browse a bit deeper to find some new decks for those who want something different after the Hearthstone Audipocalypse miniset. The first deck of this last batch is Clark's Dance Paladin. While the deck still needs refinement, this big Pally brings some fun to the Dance Floor.

Dance Paladin Deck Code: AAECAaToAgbtnwSwsgS/zgSvkwXAxgWAnwYMnJ8E7p8EktQEgeIEp5MFjZYFx8QFvcYF9ugFlPUF1oAG64AGAAA=

List by Clark
List by Clark
List by Bunnyhoppor
List by Bunnyhoppor

Big Hunter Deck Code: AAECAR8E4Z8EwLkE57kE0/gFDerpA9GgBIPIBMHjBNLkBKCZBa6kBebKBY/kBfDoBeT1BdL4BbCeBgAA

Talking about big decks, the current Hearthstone World Champion, Bunnyhoppor, has been playing this Hunter list after the Audiopocalypse miniset launch. This deck is still evolving and has some flex slots, but Bunny has been playing it at Top 50 Legend today and holding his ranks.

Remember that the Audiopocalypse miniset has just been released, so Hearthstone's meta and its decks might change. Don't run to craft legendaries if you are a budget player. You might be better off waiting for the metagame to stabilize before spending your Dust.

I hope you liked this Hearthstone deck selection for the Audiopocalypse miniset meta. Stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, in the Tavern.