Top Hearthstone Duels Decks for March. Level up your game and get those 12 wins! cover image

Top Hearthstone Duels Decks for March. Level up your game and get those 12 wins!


Everyone, get in there, today we are going to showcase 12 Hearthstone Duels Decks to achieve 12 wins and go infinite!

This time we are going to dive into Hearthstone Duels and present you 12 Decks to get 12 wins. Particularly, if you are into dungeon-run-style games and you are into Hearthstone, Duels is the place for you. Even if you are new to the mode, and don’t know what to play these decks will be perfect for your first steps. In either case, that's what we are here for, to bring Duels decks for every player!

Hearthstone Duels starting decks, signature Treasures, and Hero Powers

To begin with, in Duels you create a 15-card starting Deck with the limitation that you can only have one copy of each card. Then, you select a Signature Treasure and Hero Power that are unique to each Hero.
When selecting your options, it’s paramount that you take into account the possible synergies between the three variables. Furthermore, after playing matches, you will be offered other treasures and cards to include in your deck.

12 Hearthstone Duel Decks to get 12 Wins

Rattlegore - Warrior

Warrior / Rattlegore<br>
Warrior / Rattlegore

  • Hero Power: No Guts, No Glory
  • Treasure: Spiked Arms

Instructor Fireheart - Shaman

Instructor Fireheart - Shaman Deck
Instructor Fireheart - Shaman Deck

  • Hero Power: Ferocious Flurry
  • Treasure: Tempest's Fury
Code: AAEBAfPvAw/vAdQF4AbAB8sHpt4DqN4Dqt4Dq94D1vUDpooEirAEvLYEqtkE6KMFAAA=

Mindrender Illucia - Priest

Priest / Mindrender Illucia Duels Deck
Priest / Mindrender Illucia Duels Deck

  • Hero Power: Mind Tether
  • Treasure: Shadow Word: Void
Code: AAEBAe7vAw8e0cECp8sD4t4D+98DyuED++MDh/cDrYoEorYEpLYE9dMEuNwEpJEF75EFAAA=

Mozaki, Master Duelist - Mage

Mage / Mozaki, Master Duelist Deck
Mage / Mozaki, Master Duelist Deck

  • Hero Power: Wyrm Bolt
  • Treasure: Infinite Arcane

Star Student Stelina - Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter - Star Student Stelina
Demon Hunter - Star Student Stelina

  • Hero Power: Illidari Strike
  • Treasure: Gift of the Legion
Code: AAEBAfDvAw+LugOpvAPUyAP4lASAnwTHrATltgTp0ASq3QSv3gSw3gSq4gTL4gSF5QSTpAUAAA==

Vanndar Stormpike
Hearthstone Duels deck

Vanndar Duels Hearthstone Deck
Vanndar Duels Hearthstone Deck

  • Hero Power: Promote
  • Treasure: Devout Blessings


Drek'Thar Hearthstone Duels Deck
Drek'Thar Hearthstone Duels Deck

  • Hero Power: Harness the Elements
  • Treasure: Pact of the Lich

Brann Bronzebeard
Hearthstone Duels deck

Brann Bronzebeard Duels Deck
Brann Bronzebeard Duels Deck

  • Hero Power: Dino Tracking
  • Treasure: Titan-Forged Grapnel

Elise Starseeker

Elise Starseeker Duels Deck
Elise Starseeker Duels Deck

  • Hero Power: Starseeker
  • Treasure: Starseeker's Tools
Code: AAEBAa+aBQ9f6xbRwQLY4wKnywObzgPi3gOP5AOH9wOvgAStigSitgSuwATV0gTW3gQAAA==

Sir Finley
Hearthstone Duels deck

Sir Finley Duels Deck
Sir Finley Duels Deck

  • Hero Power: Power Up!
  • Treasure: Karl the Lost

Scarlet Leafdancer

Scarlet Leafdancer Duels Deck
Scarlet Leafdancer Duels Deck

  • Hero Power: Scourging
  • Treasure: Ironweave Bloodletter
Code: AAEBAfvaBQ+oigT04wSJ5ASU5ASJ5gS05gSP7QSE9gTg9gSz9wS+9wS2+gSrgAWogQXipAUAAA==

Sai Shadestorm
Duels deck

Sai Shadestorm Duels Deck
Sai Shadestorm Duels Deck

  • Hero Power: Lichborne Might
  • Treasure: Glaciaxe

Become a Duels godgamer

To sum up, you now have a deck option for every class. As a matter of fact, these Hearthstone Duels Decks have all achieved 12 wins. Furthermore, if you want to find more decks, check Hearthstone Decks Twitter and website. On the one hand, the site is an incredible source of information for Duels, since all these decks came from that page. On the other hand, you can also find decks for other game modes.
Moreover, if you are looking to level up your game to the next level and go infinite, you can also check this in-depth guide made by RaptorWithWings.

Get a free Duels ticket

With every Hearthstone expansion, the Duels format changes, and Blizzard retires all ongoing runs. When that happens, Blizzard gives players the rewards corresponding to the number of wins they had in that run, plus a free Tavern Ticket for a new run as compensation. With this little trick, you can save 150 Gold upon the season finish.
Just in case, this trick is only profitable in Heroic Duels and while this has been true in the past, it's wise to check the expansion's patch notes to make sure the trick is still working. For reference, this has been working for years in Hearthstone Arena and is not considered an exploit.
As always, stay tuned to find out and check out more Hearthstone content including news and guides. Be sure to visit for all the latest esports news. See you next time in the Tavern.
Manuel "Rane" Delgado
Manuel "Rane" Delgado
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