Today we answer the most asked question: “which is the best titan?”. Join us in this Hearthstone Titans Tier List!

Time to get serious and make a Tier List to highlight the most powerful Titans coming to Hearthstone with the next expansion. To do this we have compiled several Titans Tier Lists from Hearthstone content creators for you to check out.

Also, we will be suggesting a way for you to evaluate the cards yourself and see if you get to a different conclusion.

Hearthstone Titans Tier List

For this Tier List, we assigned a numeric value from 1 to 5 to the Tier Lists Zeddy, Regiskillbin, Rarran and Old Guardian made. Some of them didn't give a numeric value to each Titan but they ranked in a Tier List, so for those cases, we estimated an equivalent.

Then, we pulled out an average of every rating to create this Hearthstone Titans Tier List. You can find the full ratings chart below. Time to start, and we will go from bottom to top.

Tier List

#11: Norgannon - Mage Titan

"His tremendous arcane magic was strong enough to save all of the spirits of the titans after Sargeras destroyed their physical forms."

Despite being the first Titans revealed with an epic 20 face damage video, Norgannon is at the bottom of this Tier List. His abilities aren't impactful enough when entering the board, and hoping for him to survive a turn is something optimistic.

#10: Khaz'goroth - Warrior Titan

"Creator of the titan-forged races, Khaz'goroth intended them to safeguard the world of Azeroth from corruption and discord."

These four creators all agreed that the Warrior Legendary was one of the worst Hearthstone Titans and hence his place in this Tier List. To be honest, I don't see Khaz'goroth changing Warriro's fate at least in the short term.

#9: Voltron Prime - Rogue Titan

"Long after the titans' departure, Mimiron dreamed of creating something with an approximation of their power. He may have actually succeeded!"

Only two steps away from the bottom, we find V-07-TR-0N Prime, the less Titan-like of this Tier List. Despite Regis giving it a good rating -like he also did with Norgannon- the Mech Titan still sinks. Feno dropped the bomb and compared it to the Priest Location even.

#8: The Primus - Death Knight Titan

"As there is a Pantheon of titans, so is there also a Pantheon of Death, comprised of powerful rulers in the Shadowlands."

Despite being only one position up, the difference in rating from #9 to #8 is massive. Every streamer said The Primus is a solid card, if it isn't on a better spot in this Hearthstone Titans Tier List is because the ones that come next are even better!

#7 & #6: Aggramar, the Avenger & Amitus, the Peacekeeper

The Hunter and Paladin Hearthstone Titans are tied in this Tier List. With a slightly better rating than The Primus, these two opposing minions climb in this list. With the Hunter one being a staple in almost every deck and the Paladin super sticky, you are likely to face them once the expansion launches.

<em>Formerly a trusted lieutenant of Sargeras, Aggramar helped him fight the demonic legions across many worlds before he was corrupted.<br></em>
Formerly a trusted lieutenant of Sargeras, Aggramar helped him fight the demonic legions across many worlds before he was corrupted.
<em>As a champion of harmony, Amitus abstained from the Pantheon's many conflicts until one day, shortly after the corruption of Sargeras, she vanished altogether.<br></em>
As a champion of harmony, Amitus abstained from the Pantheon's many conflicts until one day, shortly after the corruption of Sargeras, she vanished altogether.

Hearthstone Titans Tier List - Top 5

With half the Titans in this Hearthstone Tier List having a rating better than 4 out of 5, we can understand why this keyword gives name to the expansion.

#5 Sargeras, the Destroyer - Warlock Titan

"Formerly the Defender of the Pantheon, he became disillusioned by his mission and formed the Burning Legion to destroy all life within the universe."

The ultimate Warlock win condition. This impressive Titan will try to invade your board with Demons, but only if you trigger the Battlecry to summon the portal. It's the second-most expensive Titan, but it's definitely worth it!

Image via Regiskillbin
Image via Regiskillbin

#4 Argus, the Emerald Star - Demon Hunter Titan

So, Argus is this high for a reason. Manacheat and board impact are two of the most valuable things that you can get in the game, and Argus has both! What crazy combos will this card enable?

#3 Golganneth, the Thunderer - Shaman Titan

"With dominion over the seas and skies, Golganneth fearlessly wields the power of nature to serve the Pantheon."

Entering the podium of this Hearthstone Titans Tier List we have Golganneth, the Shaman Titan. Shaman has one weakness, card draw, but this card comes to solve it and to bring something on top, Mana discount! Also, if you are in an emergency, you can just cast a Lightning Storm followed by a Healing Rain to stabilize.

The best Hearthstone Titans

Tieing in the first place, with a combined 4.75 score (out of 5), the best Titans according to Zeddy, Regiskillbin, Rarran and Old Guardian are Eonar, the Life-Binder, and Aman'Thul. The Druid and Priest Titans are flexible, impactful and very difficult to remove. They have the capability of developing/removing minions and high health values. Best Titans no doubt!

Eonar, the Life-Binder - Druid Titan

"Protector of all living things, she once saved the nascent world-soul of Azeroth from annihilation. It seems mercy was her greatest wisdom."

Aman'Thul - Priest Titan

"The leader of the titans was the first to awaken. In his loneliness, he sought out other titans across many different worlds, and together, they formed the Pantheon."

Full Hearthstone Titans Tier List ratings

For those who want to go deeper, below you can find the videos from these content creators used to make this Hearthstone Titans Tier List.

Below you can find the estimated numeric values inferred from those videos. Regiskillbin was the most optimistic in this Hearthstone Titans Tier List ratings, even rating the two of the least favorite Titans with 4/5. Don't forget to give them a follow!

Old Guardian
V-07-TR-0N PrimeRogue143.522.63
The PrimusDeath Knight44333.50
Aggramar, the AvengerHunter3443.53.63
Amitus, the PeacekeeperPaladin3.53443.63
Sargeras, the DestroyerWarlock454.534.13
Argus, the Emerald StarDemon Hunter55434.25
Golganneth, the ThundererShaman554.544.63
Eonar, the Life-BinderDruid4.554.554.75
Some values were numerical estimates taken from the Creators' own tier lists

How to evaluate the Titans?

Feel free to make your own Hearthstone Titans Tier List in the following TierMaker link. Here's some advice from Blisterguy, who in his Walk to Work podcast shared some thoughts on how to evaluate Titans.

According to him, these new minions are similar to Magic Planeswalkers, and for rating them these were the things players looked at. The card was as good as it could perform the following:

  • Defend itself
  • Provide value
  • Doing extra stuff

Since Titans can't attack and need more than one turn to activate more abilities, the capabilities of defending themselves are paramount. On top of that, the value the card provides is a key parameter to analyze it. Last but not least, any extra effects Titans have are a plus, and those can range from lethality to combo potential.

That's all for today but remember that we are still in card reveal season for this next Hearthstone expansion, so maybe once we know support cards this Titans Tier List could change.

This is all for now, stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and guides. See you next time in the Tavern.