VAN 128 is one of Vanguards’ oddest errors, here’s how to solve it.

VAN 128 is one of Vanguard's oddest errors, with lots of very specific causes and solutions, but luckily we have you covered.

Riot Games' clients and programs are infamous for their buggy nature, and some of the error messages you can get stuck with are incredibly frustrating. VAN 128 is an error specific to the Vanguard anti-cheat program, and it's usually easy to locate the solution, here's how.

How to fix the VAN 128 error

With Vanguard being kernel-level anti-cheat, it can run into plenty of odd temporary errors. Sometimes VAN 128 is one of these, and can be solved quickly.

Firstly, restart the Riot Client and try again, then restart your computer and try to launch League of Legends again. If that doesn't work, it's likely that one of a few specific issues is interfering with Vanguard. Luckily, Riot has already isolated the usual suspects.

Make sure your device is secure

Vanguard checks to make sure that Test Signing Mode is disabled and Driver Signing Enforcement is in effect before letting you play. The device not being in either of these states will stop Vanguard from working.

For Windows, run Command Prompt as Administrator. Then, run these two commands: "bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING off" and "bcdedit /set nointegritychecks OFF", then restart your computer.

Fix debug memory dump

It's also possible that Windows' debugging process is responsible. To fix this, press the Windows key, type "sysdm.cpl" then press Enter. In the ensuing pop up, select Advanced, then Startup and Recover, then Setting. Change the Write debugging information setting to "(none)", then restart your computer.

Uninstall Fasoo

If your VAN 128 error is happening while you're stuck constantly reconnecting, and you're not getting an error pop-up, Riot says Fasoo software may be the culprit. To do this, go to the Programs page, then select Programs and features. Search for the publisher, then select More, then Uninstall, then restart your computer.

CryptoPro Cloud CSP

The final suspect Riot calls out for official solutions is CryptoPro Cloud CSP. This program appears as "cpinit.exe" in Task Manager.

Use the Control Panel to find the Programs windows and select CryptoPro Cloud CSP, then click Change. In order, click Next, Change, Compatibility and select "This component will be unavailable." You can then restart your computer. If that doesn't work, use the same instructions as Fasoo to uninstall CryptoPro Cloud CSP.

Those are all of the most likely solutions for the VAN 128 error, and exhausting this list should get you back to Summoner's Rift in no time.