Here’s how to claim victory in this game mode!

Mirrorwatch has arrived in Overwatch 2! This limited-time game mode features reimagined heroes, abilities, and ultimates. Read on for our Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch guide where we go over all of the abilities and more!

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch victory screen (Image via
Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch victory screen (Image via

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch guide

To enter Mirrorwatch, head to the event's area or the Overwatch 2 Arcade. Next, select your preferred Mirrorwatch role. Tank options include Doomfist, Reinhardt, and Zarya. Meanwhile, the damage heroes are Bastion, Echo, Sombra, Tracer, and Windowmaker. Finally, Mirrorwatch support heroes include Ana, Brigitte, Mercy, and Zenyatta.

How to access the limited-time game mode (Image via
How to access the limited-time game mode (Image via

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch game mode

To claim victory in the Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch game mode, make sure to read each hero's reimagined abilities carefully before jumping into the fray. Do this by pressing the "F1" key. We've also taken screenshots of all of the Mirrorwatch abilities and ultimates in this guide for the game mode's tanks, damage, and support heroes.

Screenshot of Mirrorwatch Mercy shooting rockets (Image via
Screenshot of Mirrorwatch Mercy shooting rockets (Image via

Equip yourself with the knowledge of what the reimagined kits do in order to synergize well with your allies. For example, Mirrorwatch Mercy can no longer resurrect teammates. Instead, she can detonate a fallen ally or enemy! At the same time, Sombra hacks allies to increase their attack speed and overhealth. Additionally, remember Slicers from the Overwatch 2 Story Missions? They're back thanks to Bastion's ultimate.

Screenshot of a Slicer from Bastion's ultimate (Image via
Screenshot of a Slicer from Bastion's ultimate (Image via

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch tanks

Remember that in Mirrorwatch, the heroes you know from the original universe are quite different. For example, Reinhardt can now deploy an energy barrier that increases the damage of your team's projectiles. Meanwhile, Doomfist can project a shield to block front attacks! As for Zarya, she can create a damage barrier around an ally.

Mirrorwatch Reinhardt abilities (Image via
Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch patch notes (Image via
Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch tanks (Image via

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch DPS heroes

The same goes for the available damaged heroes. For example, Bastion can deploy up to four allied Slicer units, Windowmaker can place a protective barrier, and Sombra can hack allies to buff them. Below are our screenshots of each damage hero's kit.

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch Bastion abilities (Image via
Blackwatch Echo abilities (Image via
Mirrorwatch Sombra abilities (Image via
Talon Tracer abilities (Image via
Mirrorwatch Widowmaker abilities (Image via

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch support heroes

As for the Mirrorwatch universe's support heroes, Arch-Commadant Amari can do headshots and Nano Boost herself, Brigitte can grant an ally lifesteal, Mercy can fire rockets during her ultimate, and Zenyatta can even create a field that prevents does from using their abilities.

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch Mercy guide (Image via
Mirrorwatch Ana abilities (Image via
Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch Zenyatta guide (Image via
Mirrorwatch Brigitte abilities (Image via

Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch patch notes

Here are all of the Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch patch notes, as provided by Blizzard. The Mirrorwatch game mode runs from April 23 to May 14.

DoomfistHand CannonShort-range weapon with spread. Reloads automatically.
Rocket PunchHold to charge then release to launch forward and knock an enemy back. Damage increases if the enemy hits a wall. Empowered punch grants increased movement speed to self and allies.
Seismic SlamLeap and smash the ground. Grant overhealth to self and nearby allies when leaping.
Power BlockProject a shield that blocks frontal attacks. Blocking heavy damage empowers Rocket Punch.
Meteor StrikePress Q to leap up into the air. Move the targeting circle, then press (LMB) to strike the targeted area and grant allies overhealth.
ReinhardtRocket HammerDevastating melee weapon.
Barrier FieldHold Secondary Fire to deploy a frontal energy barrier that increases the damage of allied projectiles. Increase movement speed upon breaking.
ChargeCharge forward and smash an enemy against a wall.
Fire StrikeLaunch a fiery projectile.
EarthshatterKnock down all enemies in a narrow path in front of you.
Frenzy (Passive)Damage from Rocket Hammer increases attack speed.
ZaryaParticle CannonPrimary fire fires a short-range linear beam. Secondary fire shoots piercing energy orbs in a straight line.
Particle BarrierDamage blocked by barriers increases Particle Cannon damage. Barriers knock back and damage enemies upon expiring.
Projected BarrierCreate a damage barrier around an alley. Damage blocked by barriers increases Particle Cannon damage. Barriers knockback and damage enemies upon expiring.
Expulsion ZoneLaunch a gravity surge that pushes enemies away.
EnergyDamage blocked by barriers increases Particle Cannon damage.
Mirrorwatch Widowmaker has Silk Shield (Image via
Mirrorwatch Widowmaker has Silk Shield (Image via
BastionConfiguration ReconMobile, with a powerful shotgun.
Configuration IntelReveal nearby enemies and increase attack and reload speed.
A-36 Tactical GrenadeFire a bomb that bounces off walls and explodes when it impacts enemies or the ground. Deal no damage to self.
Configuration: ReinforcementBecome immobile and deploy up to 4 allied Slicers.
EchoTri-ShotFires 3 shots at once, in a Triangle Pattern.
Sticky BombsFire a volley of homing sticky bombs that detonate after a delay.
FlightFly forward quickly and then free-fly briefly. Damages and knock backs enemies.
Focusing BeamChannel a beam for a few seconds that slows enemies and deals very high damage to targets with less than half health.
Maximum EfficiencyIncrease attack speed and reduce all cooldowns.
SombraMachine PistolShort-range automatic weapon.
HackHold to hack your allies and enemies. Hacked allies have an increased attack speed and overhealth. Hacked health packs spawn faster and can’t be used by enemies. Taking damage interrupts the hack attempt.
TranslocatorThrow a beacon and teleport to it. Stealth cooldown is reduced after teleporting.
VirusInfect enemies with a projectile that deals damage over time and decreases their damage dealt. Virus damages hacked enemies at a faster rate.
StealthWhen out of combat, become invisible and move faster.
Anti-VirusGrant health and increased attack speed to yourself and nearby allies.
TracerPulse PistolsShort-range automatic weapons.
BlinkTeleport in the direction you are moving. Take damage to teleport additional times.
RecallTravel back in time to your previous location and health.
Pulse BombThrow out a powerful sticky explosive.
BloodthirstAfter dealing enough continuous damage, attack speed is increased and damage steals health from enemies.
WidowmakerWidow’s KissPrimary Fire - Automatic assault weapon. Hold Secondary Fire for a long-ranged sniper weapon. Charged shots reveal enemies.
Grappling HookLaunch a hook that pulls you toward a ledge.
Silk ShieldPlace a protective barrier.
Infra-SightHighlight weak points on enemies.
Screenshot of Mirrorwatch Mercy detonating a fallen enemy (Image via
Screenshot of Mirrorwatch Mercy detonating a fallen enemy (Image via
AnaBiotic RifleLong-range rifle that heals allies and damages enemies instantaneously. Can headshot.
Biotic GrenadeThrows a grenade that heals and increases healing on allies, while damaging and reducing healing.
Sleep DartFires a dart that puts an enemy to sleep.
Nano BoostOnly used on yourself to reduce damage taken. Biotic Rifle increases ally healing and reduces enemy healing.
LungeDouble jump
BrigitteRocket FlailMelee weapon with extended range.
Repair PackHeals an ally and grants them lifesteal.
Whip ShotLaunch your flail forward to pull an enemy closer.
Barrier ShieldHold Secondary Fire to deploy a frontal energy barrier. Block damage to empower Shield Bash.
Shield BashAvailable when Barrier Shield is deployed. Dash forward to knock back an enemy. When empowered, sets enemies on fire.
RallyGain armor, empower Barrier Shield and provide extra health to nearby allies.
InspireDealing damage to enemies heals nearby allies.
MercyCaduceus StaffHold Primary Fire to heal an ally. Hold Secondary Fire to increase an ally’s damage inflicted and deal damage to nearby enemies over time.
Caduceus BlasterAutomatic weapon.
Guardian AngelFly towards an ally. While in flight, Jump launches you forward, and Crouch launches you upward.
Soul BurnDetonate a fallen ally or enemy.
RevengeGain the ability to fly and fire rockets. Abilities are enhanced.
Angelic DescentFall very slowly.
ZenyattaOrb of DestructionPrimary Fire - Energy projectile weapon. Secondary Fire - Charge to release more projectiles.
Orb of HarmonyLaunch this orb at an ally to heal them. Deal damage to increase healing.
Orb of DiscordLaunch this orb at an enemy to increase the damage they take and deal additional damage over time.
Interdiction ZoneCreate a field that prevents enemies from using abilities.
Snap KickQuick melee damage increased by 50%, and its knockback is significantly increased.

That's all for now. Stick around on for more Overwatch 2 news, guides, and updates!