Poipole can now be evolved in Pokémon GO.

Trainers can finally evolve Ultra Beast Pokémon Poipole in Pokémon GO. The Ultra Space Wonders event, rounding out the Pokémon GO Season has added Naganadel to the game.

However, being an Ultra Beast, Poipole is not your cheapest or easiest Pokémon GO evolution. Here is how to get this evolution done.

How do you evolve Poipole in Pokémon GO?

As Poipole is a Legendary Pokémon, and an Ultra Beast, their evolution is a little bit more complicated and expensive than normal.

To evolve Poipole in Pokémon GO you must:

  • Use 200 Poipole Candy
  • Catch 20 Dragon-type Pokémon with Poipole as your Buddy

The Ultra Space Wonders event is a great chance to complete the catch task for this evolution. There are lots of Dragon-type Pokémon avaliable. Bagon and Deino are in One Star Raids, Druddigon in Three Star Raids, and Dratini is spawning in the wild.

Dragon-type Pokémon are less common in Pokémon GO, so try and grab as many of these as you can if you are hoping to evolve Poipole as fast as possible.

How to get Poipole in Pokémon GO

Poipole isn't a wild spawning Pokémon. Trainers should have either one or two Poipole in their storage ready for evolution.

All Trainers got one Poipole encounter via the season long Special Research story. Then, Trainers who purchased the 'Wonder Ticket' got a second encounter with Poipole.

Other than through those two researches, there has been no other way (so far) to get Poipole in Pokémon GO.

How to get Poipole Candy in Pokémon GO

To evolve Poipole in Pokémon GO, you need 400 Candy, but without being able to encounter Poipole in the wild or in Raids, how do you get that hefty amount?

Thankfully, the season long research has awarded Trainers all the Candy they need to evolve Poipole in Pokémon GO. If you haven't yet finished the World of Wonders Research, you'll need to do that before you can evolve Poipole. The final step, released this week, awards the final 100 Poipole Candy you need.

As this is a Special Research, and not a Timed Research, there is no time limit on completing these quests.