Here’s how long the downtime lasts before the new update.

Rainbow Six Siege gets regular updates and ever so often there are new maps, operators, and multiple balance changes. However, there’s usually a Rainbow Six Siege server downtime preceding these updates. Here’s what we know about R6 server maintenance time and how long they will last.

Server downtime is a necessity, albeit a rather inconvenient one. However, server downtime is required to update the game and ensure players have a seamless experience transitioning to a new update or patch.

When does the Rainbow Six Siege maintenance start?

Rainbow Six Siege Downtime Start

Rainbow Six Siege Servers will go for maintenance on May 16, 2024. The downtime will last for up to 60 minutes.

Rainbow Six Siege will go under maintenance on May 14, 2024. Ubisoft has revealed that this maintenance will last for an hour.

Rainbow Six Siege maintenance kicks off at the following times:

  • 9 am ET
  • 2 pm UTC
  • 6 am PT
  • 7.30 pm IST
  • 11 am Brasilia Time

When does the Rainbow Six Siege maintenance end?

The maintenance usually lasts for an hour. Here's a countdown for when you can expect the Rainbow Six Siege Maintenance to come to an end.

Rainbow Six Siege Downtime End

Rainbow Six Siege Server downtime comes to an end at these times:

  • 10 am ET
  • 3 pm UTC
  • 7 am PT
  • 8.30 pm IST
  • 12 pm Brasilia Time

Is Rainbow Six Siege down?

If you are experiencing server problems with Rainbow Six Siege, you can check the official website for the status. Ubisoft’s Service Status page usually has notifications for any issues in the game servers. Occasionally, Ubisoft will also have scheduled maintenance planned.

Following the conclusion of the Six Invitational, Rainbow Six Siege esports will now move on to the Regional Leagues.

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