Welcome to the “Soccer with cars” game. But wait, where’s the ball?

We all know of Rocket League as the soccer with cars game. But what if there was no ball? Rocket League Knockout is a unique game mode where there’s no ball and no goals. Instead, players have to compete against each other using other mechanics. In the knockout game mode, players can Attack, Block, and Grab each other, and ultimately only one car will be the winner.

How to play Rocket League Knockout?

Rocket League Knockout is a game mode within the game. The game follows a similar vibe as Fall Guys where players have to push, Attack, and even Grab their opponents. The last car standing is the winner.

Eight players can compete in this free-for-all competition. There are three fundamental mechanics in Rocket League Knockout - Attack, Grab and Defend. You can eliminate players by throwing them out of the arena. Conversely, if you are on the receiving end of an Attack, it’s best to Block it properly to avoid being eliminated. The arena might also include other obstacles including various challenges such as spikes and lasers.

There are no unlimited spawns in Knockout mode. Once you've been KO'd thrice, you are out. A player who is thrown out of the safe zone must return within ten seconds. The safe zone shrinks as the game progresses. After 6 minutes, every throw or Attack is maximum power and being knocked out of the safe zone causes instant KO. Touching a Hazard is also another way to get KO'd.

How to Grab in Rocket League Knockout?

While easy on paper, Grabbing is slightly more difficult to execute in the game. You can Grab an opponent by holding your left trigger (L2 on PlayStation, LT on Xbox) while also flipping an opponent. PC players can use Left Shift.

  • Make sure you are near the opponent (presumably driving towards them)
  • Brake just before you hit the enemy (this gives you better control)
  • Press and Hold Grab button (L2/LT/Left Shift)
  • Dodge toward the enemy (Jump button)

You will jump over the enemy and in the process also Grab them on the way. When you press the Jump button again, it will release the enemy from your Grab and launch them in the direction of your movement.

The Grab button can throw opponents out of the arena is properly aligned.

How to Attack in Knockout?

This is Knockout mode, you Attack players by dodging them, you Block the Attacks by dodging them and you also Grab players by dodging them. But the key lies in how you move along with the dodges. 

Speed is of the essence while Attacking players. So make sure to get as many speed boosts as possible to ensure maximum speed and damage on your opponent. 

How to Block in Rocket League Knockout?

Blocking will reflect the Attack on the enemy and this also includes the Grab. To do this, you must dodge backward against an incoming Attack. This is time-based, so you have to time your backward dodge perfectly. If you miss the window of opportunity, you will receive the full brunt of the Attack.