Curious as to what Exospines are in Stellar Blade?

Been seeing these popular Exospines when playing Stellar Blade? These pieces of equipment are great for those looking for different unique abilities to use within the game. But what exactly do all the Exospines in Stellar Blade do?

Here is a list of every Exospine in Stellar Blade and its function.

Every Exospine in Stellar Blade and its function

Exospines are perfect for those looking to upgrade their combat skills. With many different abilities, ranging from stronger attacks to better defense, Exospines are a must-have when playing the popular new game.

Every Exospine in Stellar Blade:

Suppression-Type- Shield penetration increases by 18%.
- Downed duration of enemies increased.
- Damage to downed enemies increases by 18%.
Beta Trance-Type- Increases Beta Energy recharge by 12%.
- Attack Power of Beta Skills increases by 12%.
- Successful Beta Skill hits can place you in a Trance.
- Beta Skills won't consume Beta Energy in Trance mode.
Reflex-Type- Shield regenerates faster when using Guard.
- Easier to use Perfect Dodge.
- Easier to use Perfect Parry.
Recovery-Type- Recovery effects increase by 10%.
- Damage taken decreases by 11.5% for a while when a Potion is used.
- Recovers Beta Energy by 100 when a Potion is used.
Burst Trance-Type- Max Burst Energy increased by 600.
- Burst Skill Attack Power increased by 30%.
- Recharges Burst Energy by 50 when Combo Attacks at Level 4 or above are used.
Camouflage-Type- Enemies' field of view decreases.
- Increases melee Attack Power by 17.5% for 10 seconds upon a successful execution.
- Successful execution restores 15% of Max HP.
Protection-Type- Damage received from enemies decreases by 10%.
- Shield's Protection Level increases by one at maximum.
- Has a chance to restore HP for 5 seconds while Guarding or Parrying when HP is 20% or less.
Judgement-Type- Tachy Energy Charge increases by 15%.
- Tachy Energy consumption decreases by 15%.
- Manually leaving Tachy Mode damages nearby enemies and downs them.
Chain-Type- Combo Attacks Level 2 or higher increase by 27%.
- Critical Damage increases by 23%.
- Critical Rate of Combo Attacks increases to Level 4 or higher by 30%.
Eagle Eye-Type- Ranged Attack Power increases by 10%.
- Max capacity of all owned ammo increases.
- Ammo recovers from successful hits when attacking an enemy's weakness from a distance.
Impact-Type- Increases Critical Rate by 9.5%.
- Unstable energy deals more chained damage.
- Unleashes unstable energy when enemies are dealt a Critical Hit.
- Unstable energy deals chained Damage to nearby enemies.
Grenadier-Type- Damage and Effect of Combat Consumables increases.
- Area of Effect of Combat Consumables increases.
- Combat Consumables deal increased damage and have a greater effect upon hitting enemies from behind.

Why are Exospines so useful?

Exospines are a great way to level up your gameplay. The popular items can completely change how you approach specific fights. Obtaining as many Exospines as popular is key to taking on every enemy and feeling confident.

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