Here is a guide on how to unlock the Punk Top in Stellar Blade.

Looking to unlock the Punk top in Stellar Blade? The new hit RPG has some of the coolest designs in gaming, many of them in which you just need to discover throughout the map. The Punk Top is one of the cooler outfits within the game. Here is how you can unlock it.

Where to find the Punk Top in Stellar Blade

Locating the Punk Top in Stellar Blade is not a super difficult task. First, you need to head to Eidos 9. Locate the large multi-story parking lot and head to the roof.

Avoid or fight the enemies (whichever you prefer) then head to the broken railways aside the roof.

Head to the right while on the railways and jump down to the side of the parking lot building, where you will find a chest that contains the designs for the Punk Top.

So what materials will players need to craft the Punk Top? And how much of each will they have to get?

Punk Top materials needed to craft:

  • 75 of Extreme Polymer Material.
  • 50 of Advanced Polymer Material.
  • 25 of Polymer Material.

Head to a Repair Console within a Supply Camp and craft the popular nano suit.

What is the Punk Top?

The Punk Top is a popular nano suit within the game, Stellar Blade. Its sleek design gives players a unique look when running around the game. The outfit is designed to embrace the punk aesthetic, which correlates well with the game's actual style.

While the top doesn't necessarily benefit Eve, it is still a great outfit to wear when taking on enemies.

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