Using Modern Controls and feeling like you’re doing less damage in SF6? There might be a reason…

In Street Fighter 6 there are two main control schemes, Classic and Modern. There’s also Dynamic, which is a hybrid version of the two. However, there are some big advantages and disadvantages to each, especially Modern Controls. You may have noticed that Modern controls feel like you’re doing less damage. We’ll here’s the truth of the matter: Modern Controls definitely do less damage that Classic controls in SF6.

SF6 Modern Controls Damage Reduction

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In Street Fighter 6 the Modern Control scheme gives you the ability to do one button Specials, and automatic combos. However, there’s a huge trade off for this. There is a flat 20% damage reduction on all Modern control imputs. All Specials do 20% less damage compared to the exact same move on a Classic control, so you’ll need to do 20% more damage to defeat an opponent with Modern controls.

This also applies to Dynamic controls, who use Modern style inputs. However, if you use a classic control special while using Modern or Dynamic, the 20% damage reduction doesn’t apply.

As a result, it’s possible to game the system, to have quick specials one-button specials when you need, and the more damaging Super Arts and Specials when you have to do more damage. It’s an interesting way of balancing a control scheme that is objectively easier to use in SF6. 

Which control scheme should I use in Street Fighter 6? 

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If you’re an experience Street Fighter player, we recommend using the Classic Controls from the get go. Even though some elements, such as World Tour, are geared around Modern Controls, you’ll get a definite advantage from using your experience on this game.

However, if you’re new to fighting games, we suggest starting with Modern controls, then adopting a hybrid-style, with either Dynamic, or weaving in Classic inputs into your play. Then, when your comfortable, commit to using Classic Controls for the damage advantage. That way you'll dodge the SF6 Modern Controls Damage Reduction!

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