Ready to start your Street Fighter 6 journey? Let our beginners tips help you on the path to battle.

Are you feeling that fighting game itch? Do you possess a sudden need to go buy a fight stick and see just how far you'll go? You aren't alone, as the release of a new fighter is the best time to learn. And trust us: Street Fighter 6 is going to bring in a lot of hot, young competition. Allow us to help your training regime out with best Street Fighter 6 beginners tips to get you started down the road to victory!

Have no fear, as everyone starts somewhere. After all, a wise man dog once said “Dude, sucking at sumthin’ is the first step towards being sorta good at something.” Use our tips to get an edge on the competition and join the fighting elite in no time!

Street Fighter 6 beginners tips: Controllers

We've written on this topic already. But let's state it out loud for everyone: Use the controller you find most comfortable. No, an arcade stick does not provide any kind of advantage nor is it the "real" way to play fighting games. Do they look cool? Absolutely. However, you need to remember that the way to succeed in Street Fighter 6 will be finding comfort in the heat of battle.

If you've been using a console controller your entire life then don't stop now. Building muscle memory is one of the most important things when it comes to fighting games. No amount of Street Fighter 6 beginners tips will help if you're constantly uncomfortable trying to force a square-shaped fight stick into a round hole.

But if you want that cool fight stick, then go right ahead. However, don't buy it because you've been told it's the "right" way to play.

The right control scheme

Speaking of gatekeeping: You're going to hear a lot of Discourse in the coming days about the new control schemes in Street Fighter 6. In addition to the typical, six-button "classic" scheme there is now a "modern" layout. This modern layout reduces the number of buttons while also placing special moves on simplified button presses.

And you know what? That's perfectly fine. If that sounds good to you, then use it.

As with the previous tip, there is no "right" way to play Street Fighter 6. Beginners should explore all avenues of play. After all, if they're in the game then it's meant to be used, right? And if we're being honest, it's something that appeals to even an old 09'er like me.

For instance: I've never, ever been able to play charge characters. I just can't do it. My hands do not operate in that manner. But with the new modern control scheme I may finally be able to compete with the likes of Chun-li and Honda. I'm thrilled!

So don't be afraid of losing your FGC cred if you try the modern control scheme. Street Fighter 6 is for everyone.

White Men gamers can't shouldn't jump

Street Fighter 6 Lily gameplay screenshot (Image via Capcom)
Street Fighter 6 Lily gameplay screenshot (Image via Capcom)

I'm going to share a hard truth about playing fighting games: Jumping is a trap. Yes, it feels faster to get into the air and then try a naughty mix-up on your opponent. And that's great. However, relying on jumping creates bad habits that will be harder to break down the line. Therefore, practice consciously attempting to not jump and rely on dashing and movement abilities when possible.

The rock-paper-scissors of fighting games is a lot like applying the rules of grammar. As one of the senior-most writers on the staff, I often give advice on the rules of writing and how they apply. However, one of the greatest things to remember is rules are made to be broken once you know them inside and out.

Think of jumping in fighting games like using punctuation in writing. Sure, you absolutely need to know when to use them. But one of the biggest mistakes is using too many. Being in the air leaves you vulnerable. And in a game like Street Fighter 6 you're going to see myriad beginners think that jumping is the way to go.

<em>Flowchart Ken is a liar and a fraud.</em>
Flowchart Ken is a liar and a fraud.

Don't fall into the trap. That Flowchart Ken is lying to you, and you're better than that.

Find the right fighter for you

This was originally going to be a piece on the best fighters for beginners in Street Fighter 6. However, this is a subjective topic. Fact is, the right fighter for beginners is the one that most speaks to them and their playstyle. Sure, learning the basics is important--but it's more important to build up muscle memory with your chosen fighter.

What do I mean? How they dash, jump, and recover. memorizing what each button does so you just instinctively press it. Knowing the exact distance an opponent is flung after a normal throw. These are all things that come with time and repetition. However, it's just as important to pick a fighter whose moves best accentuate your type of play.

Do you want to control the mid-range of a fight and keep your opponent locked down? Guile and Ryu are the perfect choice. Are you looking to play a game of keepaway? JP and Dhalsim will allow you to hit and run with ease. Want to get in your opponent's face and punish mistakes like wanton Shoryukens? Grapplers like Zangief, Honda, and Manon are the pick.

And all of that changes based on how you want to play. So, in the early days of release just be sure to experiment with each fighter. Eventually, you'll come across the one that just "clicks" with you.

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