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Tekken 8 release date, rumors, info, everything we know


Tekken 8’s reveal came several months ago, but do we know when the release date for Bandai Namco’s arcade fighter is?

Tekken 8 was revealed in August, as a teaser attached to the end of the latest announcement of the Tekken World Tour. Since then, we’ve had a reveal trailer, and other small details about Tekken’s latest entry have come out. But when will Tekken 8 be released? Keep reading to find out all the details we have.

(Updated on Feb. 10 with details from the Bandai Namco earnings call 2023)

When is Tekken 8 coming out?

Tekken 8 currently doesn’t have even a hinted release date, with the latest trailer just stating “Stay Tuned.” Before this, the teaser at Evo had just stated “Get Ready.”

However, we can assume, based on the trailer and when it was announced that Tekken 8 is in production. Production time on AAA games takes anywhere between 18 months to four years, but we can expect Tekken to have a lot of resources thrown at it by Bandai Namco. As a result, we’d project it to be released at some time in 2023, perhaps on the later end of the year.

Bandai Namco earnings call

On Feb. 07 2023, the Bandai Namco earning call for the third quarter of their fiscal year ending Match 2023, an investor asked whether the company was releasing any games in 2023. According to Insider Gaming, the answer was reportedly: “We are planning a large number of projects. Tekken 8 is also under development with the aim of launching in fiscal 2023 or later.”

Bandai Namco's fiscal years run March-March, so on the companies most optimistic estimate will put the release date between April 2023 to March 2024.

Everything we know about Tekken 8

Currently we don’t have much information on Tekken 8. We know it will feature Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and their devil forms, but beyond that we don’t have much info. The game was shown in 4k on the trailer, so we can assume it’s going to be a next gen game with 4k capability.

One of the reasons Tekken 8’s development will take some time is likely because Bandai Namco are also developing the arcade board run on in Arcades. Each version of Tekken has run on a different board, and even Namco’s latest arcade boards, the Namco System ES3 and Namco System BNA1, may not be up to snuff to run a next gen title.

It’s rumored that Namco is currently developing a new, more powerful arcade board that will be able to run Tekken 8. But, obviously, hardware development is a complex process that may lengthen the time it takes for us to see a Tekken 8 release date.

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