How to play the first TEKKEN 8 DLC character.

Eddy Gordo was introduced to the TEKKEN series with the game TEKKEN 3. Since then, he is included in all the main installments — and TEKKEN 8 is no exception. In the newest game, Eddy is an easy-to-pick, hard-to-master character with a focus on mixups and damaging combos.

You may need to adjust to many changes with the character compared to T7, as Eddy Gordo in TEKKEN 8 received perhaps the most updates among the whole roster. Scaling with him depends on a player’s creative approach in offense, or somewhat straightforward attacks of Eddy may be easy to predict and punish.

In this TEKKEN 8 Eddy Gordo guide on, we summarize everything to know about playing this character and being successful with him. Check out the general information on his playing style, a list of the most useful moves, some Eddy Gordo combos, a potential game plan with him, and tips on how to play against T8 Eddy Gordo.

The playing style of Eddy Gordo in TEKKEN 8

The authentic fighting style of Eddy Gordo is Capoeira, and you can see this pretty clearly even from his dancing idle animation. As for his playing style, Eddy has changed quite significantly since TEKKEN 7.

In TEKKEN 8, some of his moves have different attributes, and he generally can be described as a more fluid fighter. His current strength is a big variety of mixup options and quick kicks that reach far and deal significant damage.

Eddy’s auto-combo

Eddy Gordo is an easy-to-learn, beginner-friendly character. He even has a pretty dangerous auto-combo with the left kick button (3 in the TEKKEN 8’s button layout).

Grabbing a controller and starting to mess with Eddy is quite satisfying and may quickly bring good results. Still, this accessibility is somewhat illusionary, as to learn how to play Eddy Gordo in TEKKEN 8 on a decent level, you need to understand his two stances and a new unique Mandinga feature. 

The more you dig into the character, the more complicated he becomes. It’s a good thing to say! Eddy has the potential to be competitively relevant. He is more of a sandbox character when it comes to offense.

Following standard patterns stops working on a high (or even intermediate) level of skills. So, you must trick opponents and use the variety of Eddy’s options to remain unpredictable.

To reach the stage of fighting creativity, you need to learn the basics. So, let’s highlight some essential info on the character’s stances and Mandinga Charge in this section of our TEKKEN 8 Eddy Gordo guide.

Negativa stance (relaxed stance)

Visually, Eddy lowers himself to the ground. In terms of gameplay, it’s a stance to unleash some of the most effective moves and damaging combos. Eddy can activate his Rage Art while in Negativa Stance.

To enter the Negativa stance, press d3+4. It’s only a basic method, and some other moves activate Negativa too.

Being a low-profile stance, Negativa is perfect for low hits. It is also great for avoiding highs.

Eddy in Negativa (image via
Eddy in Negativa (image via

Bananeira stance (handstand)

Eddy literally stands on his hands after taking a sidestep. Bananeira is a good mixup tool. For example, 1+3 is a pretty unusual throw while in Bananeira, as Eddy uses his legs for this. It may be hard to read.

f1+2 / b1+2 — hold forward or back while performing the 1,2 jab string, and Eddy will take a left (f) or right (b) sidestep and enter his handstand. The very start of Bananeira is a mixup, and then Eddy can use quite a few moves out of this stance.

Switching between stances is easy for Eddy. When he is in the handstand, press 1, and he will go to Negativa.

Eddy in Bananeira (image via
Eddy in Bananeira (image via

Mandinga Charge

One of the new features of Eddy Gordo in TEKKEN 8 is the Mandinga counter right under the character’s health bar. This resource is used to power up Eddy’s handstand moves: in terms of mixups with b3 and 3,4, and in terms of damage.

To accumulate Mandinga levels, use the following moves.

  • 3,3 in Negativa
  • 2,3 in Bananeira
  • db+4,4

Eddy can accumulate up to two stacks. With one stack, you unlock new handstand moves: 

  • b+4 — mid, plus on block; Eddy goes to his neutral stance
  • 3+4 — a quick string that starts with a low

Two stacks buff Eddy’s damage and give some moves extra properties, like knockdown after b+4 and stage break with 3+4.

Mandinga counter of Eddy Gordo (image via
Mandinga counter of Eddy Gordo (image via

One thing that is important to understand about Eddy in TEKKEN 8 is that his stances and even Mandinga are highlighted separately only for better understanding. While playing the character, his moves should flow one into another like during the Capoeira dance.

TEKKEN 8 beginners may not even pay too much attention to stance changes. But knowing which moves lead to the stances and what can be activated out of them is crucial for better planning.

The Mandinga counter is a powerful resource, and the counter should be taken into account. Still, building those stacks and using them is again part of the fighting dance.

Best moves of Eddy Gordo in TEKKEN 8

Like all the other TEKKEN 8 characters, Eddy has an impressively big list of moves. You need to learn them step by step, gradually adding new options to your personal active arsenal.

TEKKEN 8 button layout (image via Bandai Namco)
TEKKEN 8 button layout (image via Bandai Namco)

Let’s highlight a few really good moves in our TEKKEN 8 Eddy Gordo guide that may become a basis for your success with this character.

  • 1,2 is a quick and simple string. It can be used for punishing opponents or checking their block effectiveness. Eddy remains -3 on block, but 1,2 is +8 on hit.
  • 3 — Eddy’s auto-combo is surprisingly effective. It deals a lot of damage but works mainly against beginners and intermediate-level opponents who don’t know how to punish it. The full combo is seven hits. Start mashing 3 after a launcher.
  • 3,3 — is a good mixup tool, as Eddy goes to his handstand after the second hit. From there, he has a plethora of options, like 4 or throw. If it is blocked, you can go with mashing 3. If you use 3,3 from Negativa, it’s a damaging low-high string.
  • 2,3 — Eddy kicks an opponent and goes to the handstand. The move has a 50/50 follow-up with one Mandinga stack.
  • db+4,4 — it’s a mid-high string that gives one Mandinga stack.
  • u+4 — Eddy performs a backflip and can attack from this move, for example, with 3 to launch and proceed to the auto-combo.
  • u+1+2 — it’s a combo starter that hits high.
Eddy’s moves in TEKKEN 8 (image via
Eddy’s moves in TEKKEN 8 (image via


  • d+3 — a relatively slow low hit, with 22 frames of startup, +1 on hit and -14 on block. The good thing about this move is how far it reaches, so Eddy’s d+3 can be used as a counter-hit with decent damage that launches on the second hit.
  • f,f+3 — it’s another low, but it starts Negativa and opens various mixup options.
  • db+3 — a good low kick with a decent range. The speed could be better, but low attacks are generally effective in TEKKEN 8.  db+3 is a solid option for Eddy, but you need to use it cautiously, maybe as part of mixup strings.


  • df+3 — this move can be used as a launcher before the auto-combo. Eddy is safe on block. The startup is 17 frames, so df+3 can punish some attacks. It’s a good combo starter
  • SS.3+4 — it’s a high launcher after a sidestep. The move is safe on block.

Punishing moves

  • df+1,3 — hits mid and high; it’s slightly plus on block. The first hit has only 10 frames of startup, so the string can be used as a good punishment tool. The move is used in TEKKEN 8 Eddy’s combos.
  • df+2 — the attack is +6 on block, and it’s a good counter-hit to punish opponents. The pushback on block is significant, so you can stop an opponent’s offensive pressure by setting up some distance.
  • b+3+4 — it’s a high-hitting Heat Engager. Eddy moves forward quite significantly, making the move a good punishment tool. The damage is pretty good as well. The pushback on block makes it quite safe.
  • uf+2 — the move comes with a slight sidestep. It can be used to avoid hits after your low-minus move is blocked and punish the opponents instead.

TEKKEN 8 Eddy Gordo guide: combos

It is great to experiment with your TEKKEN 8 character and figure out what moves can be connected to each other. This takes time, so having some combos as a basis for your practice is a pretty good idea.

Here are some Eddy combos in Tekken 8.

  • df+3 -> 3, 3 -> (Bananeira) 3, 3, 3 -> (Negativa) 3, 3
  • df+3 -> 3, 3 -> (Bananeira) 3, 3, 3 -> (Negativa) 2, 4, 4
  • df+3 -> 3, 3 -> (Bananeira) 3, 3, 3 -> (Negativa) 2, 4 - > b+2 (wall splat) 3, 3
  • df+3 -> 4, 4 -> 1, 3 -> 3+4 > ff > db+3, 3
  • df+3 -> b+3, 3 -> 2 -> b+1 -> 1, 4 -> qcf3 -> ff -> db+4, 4
  • df+3 -> b+3, 3 -> 2 -> b+1 -> df+1, 3 -> 2, 3 (wall splat) -> 2, 3
  • df+3, b+3, 3 -> (Negativa) 2 -> (Heat) 4, 4 -> f -> b+1 -> (while standing, ws) 1, 4 -> qcf3 -> db+4, 4
  • df+3 -> b+3, 3 -> 2 -> b+1 -> 1, 3 -> qcf3 > uf+4 > df1+2
  • (Negativa) 3 -> wc 1, 3 -> (Negativa) 2 -> df+1, 3 -> uf+4 -> (Negativa) 3, 3
  • u+1+2 -> b+3, 3 -> 2 -> b+1 -> 1, 4 -> qcf3 > db+4, 4
  • d/b 2, 3> u/f 4> (During Negativa) 2> b 1> While standing 1, 4> d/b 4, 4
  • b+3, 3 (Counter Hit) -> 2 -> df+1, 3 -> uf+3+4 (wall splat) -> b+2, 3, 3

Gameplan for T8 Eddy Gordo

Your gameplan with Eddy should whirl around his unpredictability. Don’t try to follow specific patterns in your actions. Aim for opening up your opponents thanks to the variety of mixups.

Keep a distance when it’s necessary, approach for a close range when a moment comes — these types of movement are important for Eddy Gordo in TEKKEN 8.

The stances should be part of Eddy’s dance. They are meant to confuse your opponent. Being mindful of what move activates what stance requires practice, as well as understanding what can come from each stance.

But reaching the level of proper control over the fighting dance is an essential step from just pressing buttons. Without that, Eddy in TEKKEN 8 is simply mediocre.

Mandinga should be used to enhance mixup options and deliver bigger damage. Confusing is the first part of the gameplan. After that, you need to maximize the damage with your most effective (and reliable) combo — to then return to the confusing movement to look for a new opening.

The character has many good low hits, and only some are listed in this TEKKEN 8 Eddy Gordo guide. It's a substantial advantage in TEKKEN 8. Use them to land a hit or start your blockstrings.

As for the disadvantages of Eddy, his moves are punishable. Experienced opponents will know when to use their quick jabs to land the whole combo — like when Eddy is airborne during his strings. Such opportunities occurred often during those dance-like strings.

Eddy vs Eddy (image via
Eddy vs Eddy (image via

Playing against Eddy

The first thing to know if you have a TEKKEN 8 match against Eddy is how to deal with his auto combo.

  • If an opponent mashes 3 on you, you need to press your quick mid-attack when Eddy switches between his stance after his 2nd hit.
  • Also, you can duck on the 4th hit and unleash your quick low right after that to punish Eddy.

In general, punishing Eddy is the most effective strategy against him. Sometimes, the character relies on his long pokes too much, and if they whiff, it’s a chance to strike back.

Another tip for playing against Eddy is probably common for most characters, but considering the nature of this fighter, it becomes especially effective. Try to learn his possible mixups to know how to punish them.

Take Eddy to the training mode to figure out what he can do. Play a few matches as him. Check out some TEKKEN 8 pro matches with Eddy. This practice will help you feel what to expect from such an opponent and be ready to make your move first.

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