If you want to take a look at all of the VCT team bundles before making the decision to buy one, look no further.

The VALORANT Champions Tour is packed with partnered teams. They represent the best in the world across four regions. Americas, EMEA, Pacific, and China have teams and players who dedicate their life to the game. It's about time that we can represent them in-game with the VCT team bundles.

What comes in the VCT team bundles?

Confirmation of impending VCT team bundles was delivered to us by Leo Faria in December. They arrived in the game on February 21. You can find them in the Esports Hub, rather than the Store. And each bundle costs 2,340 VALORANT Points.

Here's what you can expect, with each bundle specific to the team you purchase it for:

  • Classic skin with an augmented reality inspection upgrade
  • Gun Buddy
  • Player Card
  • Spray

Each team receives 50% of the proceeds from all VCT bundles sold. If you want to support your favorite squad in VALORANT, this is the best way to do so.

Every VCT team bundle

There are dozens of VCT team bundles when they go live in VALORANT. There are four leagues, each with 11 teams. All teams, including those that entered their respective league through Ascension, receive a bundle.

All images via Riot Games


100 Thieves


Evil Geniuses


G2 Esports

KRÜ Esports







BBL Esports


FUT Esports

Gentle Mates


Karmine Corp


Natus Vincere

Team Heretics

Team Liquid

Team Vitality


BLEED Esports

DetonatioN FocusMe



Global Esports

Paper Rex

Rex Regum Qeon


Talon Esports

Team Secret

ZETA Division


Unfortunately, the team's of VCT China do not have theirs yet. It is confirmed they have some on the way, but they will not be available until the Masters Shanghai event. We'll update with official images here whenever the likes of EDG, FPX, and company receive theirs in-game.

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