Use this guide to learn the basics of Breach, the Swedish Initiator in VALORANT who will make the ground tremble underneath you.

Breach is one of the top Initiator Agents in VALORANT. The bionic man, named Erik Torsten, is a criminal from Sweden. After serving his prison sentence, he created the mechanical arms that he uses to unleash his various abilities.

You'll often hear his lack of patience and eagerness for a fight before the round begins. Everything he is capable of matches his aggressive nature perfectly. If that sounds like an Agent you identify with, then use this guide to understand the basics of how Breach works in VALORANT.

Is Breach good in VALORANT?

The short answer is yes. Breach is a great Agent for anyone that doesn't quite want the entry responsibilities of a Duelist, but does want to be right in the thick of the battle.

Breach's abilities let you assist your teammates or set yourself up for success. They can blind enemies while your Duelist looks to create space, ensure the pathway to a site is clear, and stun the opposition so you can easily move in to take them out.

Key points about Breach

  • All of Breach's abilities work on enemies and teammates alike.
  • Pair him with an Agent who can move in quickly to net a kill off of his utility. Examples are Jett, Neon, and Omen.
  • Breach is an Agent that should have his abilities prioritized over weapons during the Buy Phase. Any weapon can finish the job when one of his abilities lands.
  • He can hold a site on his own if need be. The abilities create enough of a stall for teammates to rotate.

Breach abilities in VALORANT

(Image via
(Image via

Breach has a signature ability, two basic abilities, and an Ultimate. The Initiator does not have a passive ability in play. His utility in VALORANT can help your team enter a site, clear a lane or corner, and prevent the enemy team from executing any quick pushes.

Fault Line

(Image via
(Image via
  • Cost: Free
  • Windup: 1s
  • Effect: 3.5s Concuss
  • Uses: Unlimited (40s Cooldown)

Fault Line is Breach's Signature ability in VALORANT. You begin every round with it and it can be used multiple times if the cooldown expires before the round does. The ability equips a seismic blast that quakes and concusses anyone who is caught in it.

Here are some tips on using it:

  • Release Fault Line early to shorten its coverage and be able to move positions sooner.
  • Use it down long lanes and corridors to ruin the enemy team's push.
  • Set up for the post-plant further away because of Fault Line's distance.


(Image via
(Image via
  • Cost: 250 Credits Each
  • Windup: 0.5s
  • Effect: 2s Flash
  • Uses: 2 Per Round

Flashpoint is arguably Breach's most important ability. Flashes are invaluable in VALORANT. Use it to send a blinding charge through a wall and remove the sight of all players who look at it. Be careful not to flash your teammates with it.

Take note of these tips:

  • Use Flashpoint while running to quickly take advantage of the blinded opponent.
  • Swing wide for better positioning, as players can look away to shorten Flashpoint's duration.
  • It can keep enemies from advancing as much as it can help you advance.


(Image via
(Image via
  • Cost: 200 Credits
  • Windup: 2.2s
  • Effect: 3 Pulses Within 1.2s (60 Damage Each)
  • Uses: 1 Per Round

Aftershock allows Breach to create chokepoints and remove enemies out of their hiding spots. It is another ability that must be sent through a wall. When you do, the fusion charge erupts three times, dealing heavy damage with each pulse.

These tips will help you realize its potential:

  • Use Aftershock to clear cubbies, delay a plant or defuse, and to force enemies out of position.
  • View your mini map to see where the ability will land when fired.
  • You can fire Aftershock at an angle. If the target is above or below, fire away to surprise them.

Rolling Thunder

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(Image via
  • Cost: 8 Ultimate Points
  • Windup: 1.2s
  • Effect: 7m Knockback and 6s Concuss
  • Uses: 1 Per Every 8 Ultimate Points

Rolling Thunder is Breach's Ultimate in VALORANT. It is extremely hard to avoid and is a great way to stop a Spike defusal or start a push onto a site. The Ultimate focuses a large area, sending anyone in its path flying back and leaving them dazed for a short period.

Use these tips to get the most out of the Ultimate:

  • The mini map shows the coverage range of Rolling Thunder.
  • It will rip across the entire selected area. This includes under and on top of structures, as well as through walls.
  • Rolling Thunder begins a short distance in front of Breach. It will not hit other players if they are too close to you.

Tips for Breach on Attack in VALORANT

  • Breach's abilities are very loud and disruptive, making them useful for fake site hits.
  • Don't be afraid to waste utility just to ensure a corner or site is clear.
  • Communicate your utility usage with your teammates so they can capitalize.
  • Plant the Spike in a spot that the Aftershock can be sent into.

Tips for Breach on Defense in VALORANT

  • Listen for footsteps so you can use your utility early and stop a fast site push.
  • Hold long areas of the map, such as C Long on Haven or A Hall on Fracture, for the best use of Fault Line.
  • Don't be as aggressive as you should be on Attack, and be prepared to rotate quickly as Breach's abilities are essential in interrupting enemy executes.
  • Save the Rolling Thunder for site retakes while on Defense.

Best maps for Breach in VALORANT

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Every VALORANT Agent has maps they excel on. For Breach, there are four where he shines. These have long, tight lanes for him to manipulate and plant positions for him to control:

  • Bind: The boxes and structures on each site of Bind work well for Breach's Flashpoint and Aftershock. The approaches to the sites and size of them allow his Fault Line and Rolling Thunder to cover them.
  • Fracture: Breach has been a part of the Fracture Agent meta since the map arrived in VALORANT. The lanes are tight, the sites are small, and there's plenty of cover that allows him to use his utility safely.
  • Haven: Cubbies are found all throughout Haven. Breach can trap anyone that moves into one. The length of A Long and C Long also prevent enemies from escaping if they are hit by his Fault Line.
  • Lotus: Lotus does not have many off-site locations for the post-plant. That means teams are holding on the site itself. All of Breach's abilities work great to punish players on any of the map's three sites.

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