Deadlock can be an easy VALORANT Agent for newcomers to learn, but this guide will give you the tips to master her skillset.

Though her real name Iselin, the fifth Sentinel goes by Deadlock in VALORANT. She was a special agent on an escort mission that went horribly wrong. An experimental bear ripped her arm off, leaving her for dead if Sova did not arrive to save her.

After receiving a prosthetic arm, she joined the other Radiants of the VALORANT Protocol. Now, she fights alongside the rest with her nanowire technology. Vengeance for her misfortunes is always on her mind and she has no problem disposing of whoever stands in her way.

Is Deadlock good in VALORANT?

Every time VALORANT introduces a new Agent, the player base wonders how effective they'll be. Each Agent in the FPS has its purpose and Deadlock does not break that trend. She has proven to be a useful Sentinel on both sides of the Spike.

Her utility is good for separating enemies, stalling pushes, and trapping opponents. Deadlock's tools will set your team up for success in VALORANT. It could net them an easy kill or keep them alive when the other team is on the hunt.

Key points about Deadlock

  • Deadlock's grenade and barrier work on both hostile and friendly players.
  • Deadlock can hold a site on her own and call for back up while keeping the opposition at bay.
  • Her abilities are not retrievable. Once used, they are placed for the round, so use them wisely.
  • The likes of Raze, Sova, and Brimstone work well with her, as their mollies and Ultimates can capitalize on her trapping.

Deadlock abilities in VALORANT

(Image via
(Image via

Like most Agents, Deadlock has a four abilities in VALORANT. She starts each round with her signature, has two basic abilities you must purchase, and an Ultimate that becomes available over time after completing certain actions or gathering orbs. Each one will help you keep lanes clear and stop enemies in their tracks.

Barrier Mesh

(Image via
(Image via
  • Cost: Free
  • Windup: 3s for fortification
  • Effect: 30s barrier with large health pool
  • Uses: 1 per round

Barrier Mesh is Deadlock's signature. She equips a device and can throw it to place it. It then expands into an X-shape barrier that can be destroyed at multiple points. It has a lot of health and blocks movement, but does not block bullets and other projectiles.

Here are some solid tips for its usage:

  • Be aware of abilities like Reyna's Dismiss and Omen's From the Shadows. These can move through the Barrier Mesh.
  • The deeper into a lane or entry point this ability is thrown, the better. It will block enemies further away and prevent them from swinging out and shooting through the barrier.
  • It has quite the distance, so take the time to learn lineups if Deadlock is your main. There are many walls and windows you can through it over to frustrate the opposition.


(Image via
(Image via
  • Cost: 200 Credits
  • Windup: 0.4s
  • Effect: 6s forced crouch and slowed movement
  • Uses: 1 per round

GravNet is an easy to use grenade ability. Deadlock can throw it or lob it. When it lands, a net disperses from it and forces anyone caught within to crouch and move slowly. Enemies can try and walk out to escape or risk putting their gun away to remove the net.

These tips will help you make the most of it:

  • GravNet can bounce off of walls and ceilings before it detonates. Do this to safely throw it at enemies without revealing yourself to them.
  • Use it as a secondary stalling method to your Barrier Mesh. If they break through, have GravNet at the ready to slow them even further.
  • It is perhaps Deadlock's most offensive regular ability in VALORANT. Use it aggressively on Attack to clear corners and prevent retakes.

Sonic Sensor

(Image via
(Image via
  • Cost: 200 Credits Each
  • Windup: 0s
  • Effect: 3.5s Concuss
  • Uses: Up to 2 per round

Sonic Sensor is what keeps Deadlock on par with the likes of Cypher and Killjoy. The downside is that it needs noise to activate, but you should be able to find places where enemies will sound off and get concussed. All you have to do is place it on a wall and leave it be.

The following tips will help make Sonic Sensor relevant in your hands:

  • Sonic Sensor can be placed on one site to give noise indications while Deadlock holds a different site.
  • Place Sonic Sensors where you're sure noise will be made, including planting locations.
  • Watch for it to disappear on your minimap. You'll know if enemies destroy it, meaning they may be taking space in that area.


(Image via
(Image via
(Image via
  • Cost: 7 Ultimate Points
  • Windup: 1.1s
  • Effect: 7s cocoon
  • Uses: 1 per every 7 Ultimate Points

Annihilation is not as widespread as some other Ultimates, but it works wonderfully in 1v1 situations. It sends nanowires out of a gauntlet and if someone is in its area of effect, it cocoons them and pulls them to their end. Enemies can destroy it to save their ally, however.

Use it wisely with these tips:

  • Annihilation can be bounced off of walls and ceilings. If you catch a player from a ceiling placement, it will drag them up and cause fall damage when they are let loose.
  • Use it on Attack to pull enemies off the Spike when they start defusing. If you're in a 1v1, it is a guaranteed round victory.
  • Remember that the ability is on a timer that starts as soon as you press the key. There's no set up or pulling out the gauntlet without either wasting it or having to use it.

Tips for Deadlock on Attack in VALORANT

  • Deadlock's abilities work best in post-plant scenarios on Attack.
  • Use the GravNet grenade to clear corners and cubbies before your Duelists swing in.
  • Barrier Mesh can block enemies from reaching the Spike after it is planted.
  • Use Annihilation, especially in 1v1 situations, even if you aren't sure where the enemy is. This should make them fearful of showing their face and buy time for the Spike to detonate.

Tips for Deadlock on Defense in VALORANT

  • Footsteps are an easy indicator that you should toss your Barrier Mesh or prepare you GravNet to stall a push.
  • Place the Sonic Sensors in spots where noise is all but guaranteed, such as a drop or a common a plant location.
  • Save either GravNet or Barrier Mesh if you plant to block a path immediately. Keep the other ready if you have to run to a different site.
  • On Defense, use Annihilation for retakes. The other team will either panic and turn their attention to the trapped player, allowing your team to quickly move in, or they'll let them succumb to the Ultimate and give your side a man-advantage.

Best maps for Deadlock in VALORANT

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Deadlock can stand her ground on any VALORANT map, but there are a few where she shines. Small entryways and narrow corridors are the focus:

  • Ascent: The tight doorways and paths that lead onto site make it very easy for Deadlock to hold down the fort here. There are also multiple cubbies that her GravNet can clear. Then you've got the Sonic Sensors, which can be placed in areas like the B Site or Mid under the catwalk, where noise will always be made it an enemy jumps down to those spots.
  • Bind: Bind is a smaller map in VALORANT where Deadlock can be very effective. Similar to Ascent, B Site has a drop where a Sonic Sensor should be placed. Cubbies and corners are great for the GravNet or even the Barrier Mesh to block them in. And lastly, there are plenty of safe locations to deploy Annihilation from, like A Tower or B Elbow through the window.
  • Lotus: This map has three sites and one of those can belong to Deadlock on Defense. Each site has a direct entrance from the Attacker side. If she blocks that off, enemies will give up their position and almost always rotate. When it comes to Attack, Deadlock can block flanks and funnel retaking players into one lane for easy pickings.

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