There are a couple of Twitch Drops you can obtain while watching VCT Masters Shanghai, so check out how to add some items to your collection.

VALORANT's second Masters tournament of 2024 is approaching. Masters Shanghai puts 12 of the best teams on the world stage, competing in the Riot Games first-person shooter. Of course, they aren't the only ones with their eyes on the prize, as us spectators can get Masters Shanghai Twitch Drops.

There are two in-game rewards you can get just by tuning into the action. And we've got you covered on how to obtain them.

VCT Masters Shanghai Twitch Drops

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The two drops are a Title and a Gun Buddy. They represent the location of the Masters Tournament, Shanghai, China.


The “jiāyóu” Title is the first Twitch Drop you can obtain during Masters Shanghai. Here's how you can get it:

  • Tune in for a live match between May 23 and June 8

Riot Games made this as a nod to a popular cheer spectators often use to show support for teams in Shanghai.


The second title you can get comes at the very end of the tournament. This Masters Shanghai Twitch Drop is a Gun Buddy. You can stick it on the side of any weapon in VALORANT. Do this to obtain it:

  • Tune in for a live match during the Grand Final on June 9

The “Sheng Jian Bao” Buddy is a mockup of a native Shanghai dish that you can show off.

How to watch VCT Masters Shanghai

If you want to obtain the Twitch Drops for VCT Masters Shanghai, you'll first need to connect your Twitch account with your Riot Games account.

Then you can tune in, and once you've completed the necessary viewing objectives, the rewards are yours to claim.

You'll find the Masters tournament on all official VALORANT channels, with its main one being the focused broadcast for the event. Check it out there for the easiest way to get the drops!

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