Need a helpful hint on where to find all the Dragon Glyph locations? Allow us to do the dirty work so you can keep flying high.

The big new feature in the WoW Dragonflight expansion is Dragonriding, and the Dragon Glyph collectibles that players will find across the Isles. Not only is it a challenge to collect these glyphs, but via the Dragonriding skill tree you'll also unlock better Vigor regeneration, new abilities, and even attacks. However, finding all of the glyphs is a task in and of itself, with the only UI indicator of their presence being a buff that pops up when you're in the vicinity.

Sounds like the kind of thing you'd want some conveniently marked maps for, eh? Allow to do the heavy lifting and provide some help in finding all of the WoW Dragon Glyph locations so you can do it harder, better, faster, and stronger.

Dragon Glyph locations in handy map form

<em>The Waking Shores map</em>
The Waking Shores map

The Waking Shores
Waking Shores is the first zone of the Dragon Isles while also serving as a tutorial for the Dragon Glyphs. Many being right out in the open. You'll find that a lot of the Glyphs tend to be on top of the highest points of the map, including at the top of towers, vistas, and even a castle.

Here's the TomTom coordinates for those that dabble:

/way The Waking Shores 57.7 55.3 Crumbling Life Archway
/way The Waking Shores 68.8 46.2 Dragonheart Outpost
/way The Waking Shores 58.1 78.7 Flashfrost Enclave
/way The Waking Shores 52.6 17.0 Life-Binder Observatory
/way The Waking Shores 40.9 71.9 Obsidian Bulwark
/way The Waking Shores 21.7 51.4 Obsidian Throne
/way The Waking Shores 46.4 52.1 Overflowing Spring
/way The Waking Shores 54.7 74.1 Ruby Life Pools
/way The Waking Shores 48.7 86.7 Rubyscale Outpost
/way The Waking Shores 73.2 20.2 Scalecracker Peak
/way The Waking Shores 74.2 57.5 Skytop Rostrum
/way The Waking Shores 75.1 56.7 Skytop Tower
/way The Waking Shores 74.8 37.3 Wingrest Embassy

Ohn'ahran Plains Dragon Glyph locations

<em>The Ohn'ahran Plains map.</em>
The Ohn'ahran Plains map.

Ohn'ahran Plains
Highlighted by a mix of flat and vertical terrain, the Plains is tricky to navigate by way of air. You may also notice that the Dragon Glyph locations are spread out around the rim of the zone. In some cases you can grab 4-5 in one fell swoop.

The TomTom coordinates:

/way Ohn'ahran Plains 84.2 77.5 Dragonsprings Summit
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 30.0 61.2 Emerald Gardens
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 29.3 74.5 Eternal Kurgans
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 70.1 86.6 Forkriver Crossing
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 78.4 21.4 Mirewood Fen
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 47.2 72.3 Mirror of the Sky
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 30.7 36.1 Nokhudon Hold
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 57.9 31.2 Ohn'ahra Roost
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 57.1 80.1 Ohn'iri Springs
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 86.4 39.4 Rusza'thar Reach
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 44.5 64.9 Szar Skeleth
/way Ohn'ahran Plains 61.5 64.4 Windsong Rise

Azure Span Dragon Glyph locations

<em>The Azure Span map.</em>
The Azure Span map.

The Azure Span
Home of the Blue Dragonflight, the Azure Span is a strange area in that there are multiple downward slopes. The icey areas seen on the map are pretty much the top of the "hill". This makes for some fun Dragonriding.

GPS, please:

/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 39.3 63.0 Azure Archive
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 10.6 35.7 Brackenhide Hollow
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 26.7 31.6 Creektooth Den
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 56.7 16.0 Fallen Course
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 60.6 70.0 Imbu
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 67.6 29.1 Kalthraz Fortress
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 70.5 46.2 Lost Ruins
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 68.6 60.3 Ruins of Karnthar
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 72.4 39.4 Vakthros Range
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 52.8 48.8 Zelthrak Outpost
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 45.8 26.0 Cobalt Assembly

Thaldraszus Dragon Glyph locations

<em>The Thaldraszus map.</em>
The Thaldraszus map.

The final area for Gylphs is a vertical nightmare, with peaks and valleys buried throughout. Keep an eye skyward as you traverse Thaldraszus or you might smack into a mountain while attempting to hunt for gold.

Jarvis, the locations:

/way Thaldraszus 62.4 40.4 Algeth'ar Academy
/way Thaldraszus 49.8 40.2 Algeth'era
/way Thaldraszus 52.7 57.4 Gelikyr Overlook
/way Thaldraszus 55.6 72.1 Passage of Time
/way Thaldraszus 35.5 85.5 South Hold Gate
/way Thaldraszus 46.0 73.0 Stormshroud Peak
/way Thaldraszus 66.0 82.3 Temporal Conflux
/way Thaldraszus 72.9 69.2 Thaldraszus Apex
/way Thaldraszus 61.5 56.6 Tyrhold
/way Valdrakken 58.7 38.1 Valdrakken
/way Thaldraszus 72.4 51.7 Vault of the Incarnates
/way Thaldraszus 67.0 11.7 Veiled Ossuary

We hope that this primer on the WoW Dragon Glyph locations will help you in your journeys across the Dragon Isles! Be sure to keep watch at for more World of Warcraft news and updates!