A complete guide on every achievement and how to unlock them!

XDefiant has a bunch of achievements and trophies that players can obtain through playing the game. Whether you're an achievement hunter looking to unlock them all as soon as possible or a player who's curious about the different challenges in the game, read on for all of the XDefiant achievements and trophies!

All XDefiant achievements and trophies

XDefiant Achievement/Trophy
All Grown UpReach level 50 as a player
BuzzkillCancel 5 enemy ultras
Damage DealerDeal 10,000 damage
Defense PlayerHeal or block 5,000 damage
ExterminatorGet 50 kills
Grand TourComplete a match in 5 different game modes
High-FivistSend or receive 20 high-fives
MVPFinish 3 matches as MVP
Party PlayerComplete a match in a party
StreakerAchieve a killstreak of 5 or higher
Team PlayerGet 50 assists
Weapon MasterLevel up a weapon to level 50
WinnerWin 10 matches

How to unlock XDefiant trophies

At the moment, XDefiant features a total of 13 achievements. To get started on unlocking them all, simply jump into the fray, get in some practice, and complete some matches. For example, you can naturally deal 10,000 damage over time to obtain the Damage Dealer trophy. You can also easily get the Party Player achievement by completing a match in a group.

Play XDefiant matches to start your progress on trophies and achievements (Image via Ubisoft)
Play XDefiant matches to start your progress on trophies and achievements (Image via Ubisoft)

All XDefiant achievements guide

Once you're more familiar with XDefiant gameplay, you can also start aiming for the MVP achievement. Meanwhile, the All Grown Up trophy requires you to reach level 50 as a player. This just takes a bit of time. As for the XDefiant Buzzkill trophy, that requires you to learn how to cancel enemy ultras. Basically, think of ultras as "ultimates" from other games such as Overwatch 2 or even Apex Legends.

That's all there is to it! We hope you have a blast playing XDefiant and unlocking all those trophies. Stick around on esports.gg for more news, guides, and updates.