Here are a quick few steps to fix this error and hop into the game.

XDefiant went live on May 21 and the launch day saw several connection issues and errors pop up. One of these errors is the UNIFORM-01 Error code that pops up for some players. Here’s how to fix the UNIFORM-01 error code. 

What is the UNIFORM-01 Error Code?

The UNIFORM-01 Error code can occur due to connection issues with the game server. While the particular type of connection issue might still not be common knowledge, there are a few steps that you can take to fix this error.

How to fix XDefiant UNIFORM-01 Error Code?

Change your Ubisoft Password

As weird as this sounds, this is a step recommended by Ubisoft in the past. Resetting your password helps to fix the UNIFORM-01 Error Code in XDefiant. Ubisoft has recommended changing passwords for UNIFORM-01 Error codes in other games.

Once you change your password, try to connect to the game and see if the error disappears. It is a strange fix, but there’s no harm in trying this.

Restart the connection

The next step is to check your internet connection. A simple step would be to first check if you can browse the internet without any problems. You can then go through the speed testing websites such as, that will help you check your internet connection speeds. If the speeds are woefully inadequate, then you should call your ISP.

You can also restart the router to fix the Internet connection problem. Make sure to take a short break of 10-15 seconds between switching off the router and switching it back on again.

Restart The Game

Sometimes, games can launch improperly which would mean certain files don’t load properly. The fix for this is to simply restart the game. If there are any corrupt files, the game will redownload them and launch properly. This should fix the missing files issue that can cause connectivity issues for the game.

Going through these steps should hopefully Fix the UNIFORM-01 Error Code in XDefiant. The UNIFORM-01 Error code is a simple error code that arises due to connection issues within the game. 

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