Collegiate Fortnite cups are back! Read below to find out more information like dates, prize pool and more.

Collegiate competitive Fortnite returns in 2023 with a $50,000 USD Solo Cup. Collegiate players all over North America will have a chance to compete against other schools for a piece of this intense prize pool.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Collegiate Fortnite series.

Winter is coming, and alongside it is the $50,000 Solo Collegiate Fortnite Cup

Starting January 26, competitors will have a chance to drop off the battle bus, taking on the best collegiate players in the US and Canada. The top 100 players will then face off on Jan 31.

This Solo Battle Royale tournament will put the top players in the collegiate scene against each other. Each competitor has the opportunity to walk away with a solid chunk of change.

At this moment, the prize pool distribution has not been released. In the past, every player who made the finals walked away with at least a little money.

Collegiate Fortnite via CCA
Collegiate Fortnite via CCA

With such a large prize pool to kick off the year, it should be no surprise if CCA (College Carball Association) continues this fashion with its players.

For those looking to register for the January tournament, please do so here.

CCA also announces their February tournament

Not able to compete in the Collegiate Solo Battle Royale series? No worries. CCA also announced its plans for February, giving their Zero Build players a chance to shine.

Taking place on February 23 and February 28, collegiate Zero Build trios across the US and Canada will have a chance to compete. The prize pool for this series is unknown at the moment.

As the new year approaches, we should expect further details describing the February Zero Build Collegiate series.