Back to the top tier of Counter-Strike.

Dupreeh has taken the final spot in the Falcons CS2 lineup. This, unfortunately, means s1mple’s trial under Snappi’s leadership is definitively not happening again. 

Falcon’s CS2 roster now hosts three Astralis members from the Danish glory days. Dupreeh joins former coach zonic, and teammate Magisk in the Saudi-backed org, according to a post Falcons X post today.

Why is dupreeh joining Falcon’s CS2 roster?

Image Credit: Adela Sznajder/ESL Gaming via ESPAT
Image Credit: Adela Sznajder/ESL Gaming via ESPAT

Falcon’s has been missing a permanent fifth since Mohammad "⁠BOROS⁠" Malhas was removed from the squad midway through February following their RMR disaster. S1mple replaced BOROS on a one-month loan, and now it’s come to an end.

However, dupreeh likely ticks some of the boxes that BOROS didn’t. In the 25-minute Falcons behind-the-scenes snippet, a period of time is dedicated to critiquing the former teammate and young gun BOROS. 

It’s insinuated in certain parts of the video that there have been multiple issues outside of BOROS' game, including attending practices on time and professionalism. This is where dupreeh would likely excel. The 31-year-old Dane has years of experience in the highest level of Counter-Strike. Also, zonic and Magisk can likely guarantee that box being ticked after playing with dupreeh for years already.

As for the rest of Dupreeh’s game, it’s up in the air. He managed to put up high numbers in his former two teams HEROIC and most recently Preazy. However, these numbers started to become less consistent as he battled against top-tier opponents. 

This is also a bizarre choice because zonic was the coach at the time of Dupreeh’s benching in Vitality after their Major victory in Paris. Zonic clarified later that dupreeh’s benching wasn’t necessarily related to his form, “but more on looking into the future”.

Half a year later, dupreeh is already back with his former coach. 

Prepare yourselves, we’ll see how he fits into the Falcon’s lineup once ESL Pro League Season 19 commences on April 23, 2024.