They qualify for IEM Katowice 2024 with this victory.

FaZe Clan have clinched the title of the first team to win a top tier CS2 tournament after their victory over Complexity. The thrilling three-map series saw the teams go to two Overtime as they battled for the title of IEM Sydney 2023. And the Australian crowd could not have asked for a better Grand Finals. 

The series was definitely one of the better ones to put an end to the $250,000 tournament in Australia. With three maps for the Grand Finals, Counter-Strike fans got their money’s worth. The day started with a show match, but the real series started much later. Two of the three maps went to overtime and even the single Complexity victory was not a completely one-sided affair. In fact, any of the maps could’ve gone the other way. 

The IEM Sydney Grand Finals

FaZe started with a pistol round win and one soon after that. But once Complexity got pistols on their hands it was a slightly different affair. Complexity looked to be with an advantage partly due to superior weapons and also due to a slightly better economy. 

However, after securing five rounds to their tally, Complexity seemed to have some trouble facing off against FaZe Clan. It was a mix of aggression as well as a better understanding of what Complexity was doing that allowed FaZe to take a lead. 

JT in particular was very impressive, managing 24 kills to his name at the end of Overpass. His ability to get entry frags and quite often, the first frag in the round contributed to Complexity’s success. 

Nuke saw FaZe come up with an impressive T-side that was reliant on mistakes from Complexity. And there were a few mistakes from Complexity that allowed the FaZe roster to get a strong foothold.

The final map went to overtime, with both sides displaying a very strong CT side. Most of the rounds resulted in elimination victories, although FaZe did manage to get quite a few bomb plants. The map went to overtime, where both teams traded rounds before FaZe marched ahead.

With this victory, FaZe have cemented their names as the winner of the first top-tier CS2 event in history. They take home the giant’s share of the $250,000 prize pool. 

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