Time for big decisions for donk’s Team Spirit and karrigan’s FaZe Clan.

Two giants are going head to head at the PGL Major Copenhagen CS2, it's time for FaZe Clan and Team Spirit to join the arena. This is the second match of the Major playoffs. Previously, Team Vitality and Cloud9 decided the first semi-finalist of the competition.

On one hand the experience and several titles of FaZe Clan, on the other the youth, irreverence and desire to make history with Team Spirit. FaZe Clan qualified for the playoffs 3-2, beating Complexity in the decisive game. Team Spirit did not lose a series and passed the stage 3-0. The team that wins is one step closer to the grand final.

FaZe Clan vs Team Spirit Live Score

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Team 2
Map 1
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Map 3
FaZe Clan
Team Spirit

FaZe Clan Counter-Strike 2 roster

(Image via PGL/João Ferreira)
(Image via PGL/João Ferreira)
  • Finn “Karrigan” Andersen
  • Håvard “rain” Nygaard
  • Robin “ropz” Kool
  • Helvijs “broky” Saukants
  • David “frozen” Čerňanský

Team Spirit Counter-Strike 2 roster

(Image via PGL/João Ferreira)
(Image via PGL/João Ferreira)
  • Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov
  • Boris “magixx” Vorobyev
  • Danil “donk” Kryshkovets
  • Dmitriy “sh1ro” Sokolov
  • Myroslav  “zont1x”  Plakhotja

What we can expect

For many, the most electrifying duel of the PGL Major Copenhagen CS2 playoffs, FaZe Clan vs Team Spirit. Both teams made the final of IEM Katowice 2024. It is no wonder that many point to the team that wins this match as the finalist or winner of the Major. However, Counter-Strike Majors are always ripe for new stories and surprises.

In the IEM Katowice final, the expectations and hype surrounding donk and Team Spirit were confirmed. A clean score of 3-0 in the final left everyone in awe of the Russian team.

What a start to his career for donk (Image via PGL/João Ferreira)
What a start to his career for donk (Image via PGL/João Ferreira)

The young donk star could have the opportunity to make history at 17 years old. He was MVP of IEM Katowice and can continue to write history in his first Major competition. On the other hand, on the other side is Karrigan and players who are used to this pressure. FaZe Clan has several finals under its belt and four players with Majors already won.

Experience wins and Spirit gives in to pressure or did the young Russians really come to make history?

Where can I watch FaZe Clan vs Team Spirit?

The fantastic game between FaZe Clan and Team Spirit at PGL Major Copenhagen CS2 will be broadcast on the official PGL channels. Additionally, you can follow the game via broadcasts in other languages. However, to make your life easier, we've left the stream below so you can follow the game.

FaZe Clan vs Team Spirit - Copenhagen Major playoffs recap

Map 1: Mirage

A happy first half for FaZe Clan. On the defensive side, Karrigan was heavily contested at bombsite B, but the player didn't hide. The Danish captain was the highlight of the first half with a KD of 13-6. The young donk star hasn't been able to make the impact he's always had, but there's still a game to be had.

Spirit reappeared in the match to win the pistol and the next round. However, FaZe Clan quickly regained control of the round. A clean eco round from FaZe closed the course of the first map. Spirit lost in the first map by 13-7.

Map 2: Nuke

Starting the match, an impressive pistol round led by frozen who completed four kills. On the ct-side, Spirit opened up a 7-2 lead with several controlled rounds. However, FaZe adapted, insufficient to avoid an 8-4 in favor of Spirit.

The results were getting closer, reaching 11-9 for Spirit. The Russian team used and abused FaZe's Nuke outside, profiting from several successful rounds on bombsite B. FaZe was not prepared to surrender and pulled Spirit for overtime. Spirit made it 3-0 on Nuke's T-side and made it difficult for FaZe to be successful on the map.

FaZe Clan was resilient and took the decision to another overtime against all odds. In the history of this overtime, there is this FaZe clutch.

Spirit stood out in the second overtime and closed the match at 19-16.

Decider - Map 3: Vertigo

Vertigo is FaZe Clan's permanent ban, but Karrigan had an ace up her sleeve. The Danish captain took advantage of Spirit's recent fragility on the map and immediately showed his game with the pistol.

FaZe won seven rounds in a row on the defensive side, but Spirit came closer, closing the first half at 8-4. Closing the half, a broky clutch doing practically nothing.

FaZe continued their good momentum and continued to give Spirit difficulties in the second half. Confirming FaZe's good moment in the match, an incredible clutch from ropz.

Spirit re-entered the match at a time when FaZe only needed one round to close the match. From a 12-5, FaZe was unable to close the match against Spirit's evolution in the match. The decision was to overtime. Emotions took over the game and several moments were decided on the edge.

FaZe Clan recovered emotionally and was better in the overtime, to close out a rain clutch. To Spirit's surprise, the FaZe class on Vertigo, fixed ban map, ended with a 16-13 in favor of the team led by Karrigan.

With this victory, FaZe Clan faces Team Vitality in the semi-finals of PGL Major Copenhagen CS2. Tomorrow two more games define the other semi-final.

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