OG secure a 2-0 victory!

After winning their opening series, Heroic and OG face each other in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown quarterfinals. The Heroic vs OG match will decide which team goes on to face SAW in the semifinals. Here’s all you need to know about the Heroic vs OG match during the Spring Showdown, including the live score, stream and team rosters.

Heroic vs OG Live score

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
HeroicOGVertigo (5-13)Mirage (5-13)Ancient0-2

The series saw OG dominate right from the get-go. HeavyGod had a spectacular performance through the series with 39 kills to his name. With a +26 KDA, the young player was instrumental in securing the victory for OG.

Heroic had some synergy issues with the team clearly lacking the cohesion required to play at this level. Their meek performance on both maps was further disappointing for fans of the org who have become used to seeing them win.

With this victory, OG now move on to the next stage where they will face off against SAW. Earlier SAW defeated Cloud9 in a 2-0 fashion.

What can we expect from this match?

Heroic’s first match was against NIP. The Ninjas have recently undergone multiple changes to their roster and as such, the series was almost a foregone conclusion for Heroic. However, despite facing a team that is still relatively new and inexperienced (in terms of playing together), Heroic’s Mirage win was in Overtime. 

Heroic’s last roster change was in December last year when Nicodoz joined the team. The team has not had performances to boast about this year finishing top eight at IEM Katowice. Their Spring Groups performance was extremely disappointing with a 13-16th place finish. 

The team barely made it to the Copenhagen Major after a 3-2 performance in RMR B. The 3-2 performance included victories over Astralis and GamerLegion, but they also suffered losses against FURIA and Team Vitality. 

The OG roster has seen even more changes than Heroic, many of them relatively recently. The team signed new players at the start of the year while also bringing on new coaching staff. They haven’t had results to boast about so far in 2024, although their match against Complexity highlighted some of their individual strengths and team performance. 

In more ways than one, this series outcome will depend on the players and the maps that come out of the veto. 

What are the team rosters?

Heroic Counter-Strike roster

  • René "TeSeS" Madsen
  • Rasmus "sjuush" Beck
  • Guy "NertZ" Iluz
  • Nico "nicoodoz" Tamjidi
  • Damjan "kyxsan" Stoilkovski

OG Counter-Strike roster

  • Maciej "F1KU" Miklas 
  • Iulian "regali" Harjău
  • Nils "k1to" Gruhne
  • Bram "Nexius" Campana
  • Nikita "HeavyGod" Martynenko

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown features a brutal single-elimination format. However, all matches are best-of-three ensuring teams get enough chances to secure their fate. The tournament will send two teams to the Spring Finals. In addition, it also boasts a $135,000 prize pool, with $20,000 going to the top two.