The event is the third-highest peak viewership in Counter-Strike history.

The PGL Copenhagen Major concluded with NAVI taking the honor of being the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 Major winner. The team defeated FaZe Clan in the Grand Finals to take the title. The Major itself was a very successful one with millions of viewers from around the world. The PGL Copenhagen Major was the third-most viewed Major in Counter-Strike history achieving a viewership higher than Paris 2023.

PGL hosted the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 Major, a significant milestone for the tournament organizer. The PGL Copenhagen Major saw 24 teams competing over the past few weeks. In the end, it was NAVI that emerged victorious marking their second-ever Major win. 

With this victory, NAVI has now received an invite to the BLAST World Finals as well as the Esports World Cup 2024. 

PGL Copenhagen Major Match Viewership Stats

  • NAVI vs FaZe Clan: 1,844,748
  • Team Spirit vs FaZe Clan: 1,126,941
  • G2 esports vs NAVI: 1,069,582
  • NAVI vs Eternal Fire: 991,486
  • Vitality vs FaZe Clan: 986,256

On the final day of the event, PGL also revealed they have intentions to host 11 Tier 1 Counter-Strike 2 events across 2025-26. This announcement comes after Valve prohibited TOs from having exclusive partnerships with teams - which ultimately creates a closed ecosystem. 

Here are the five most popular Counter-strike Majors in the game’s history.

  1. PGL Major Stockholm 2021 — 2,748,434 Peak Viewers
  2. PGL Major Antwerp 2022 — 2,113,610 Peak Viewers
  3. PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 — 1,844,747 Peak Viewers
  4. Paris Major 2023 — 1,528,724 Peak Viewers
  5. IEM Rio Major 2022 — 1,428,993 Peak Viewers

The top three Majors by viewership are all PGL-hosted Majors. The Stockholm event in 2021 had the highest viewership with nearly 2.75 million peak viewers. Their next Major at Antwerp saw 2.1 million peak viewership and Copenhagen comes in third with 1.85 million. Last year’s BLAST Paris Major and the Rio Major before that round out the top five list. 

The Grand Final itself saw over a million concurrent viewers. The Grand Final was when the Major reached its peak viewership of 1,844,747. Each of the final three matches including the semifinals saw over a million concurrent viewers, highlighting the interest in the Major.